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How to Write the Research Method?

Articles focus on How to Write the Research Methods. In scientific articles or scientific works, we often hear there are several terms, namely: Research Methods, Materials & Method of Research, Method of Research, and so on.

On this article, the author will discuss how to write research methods for scientific articles. We have often talked about several research methods, including:
  • The research method in psychology
  • The qualitative research method
  • The quantitative research method
  • The research method in sociology
  • The descriptive research method
  • The research method ethnography
  • The survey research method
  • The research method business
  • The research method case study
  • The research method of anthropology

In this section, the author of a scientific article must be able to make an explanation of how the research in the article was carried out. This is quite a substance. Why? 

How to Write the Research Method?

Because this section will be more specific in showing the novelty of your research. In addition, you will be able to distinguish your research from other people's research.

The novelty of your article will also be stronger in this section of the Research Method. The Research Method section if packaged properly and correctly will bring other benefits, namely, your article will be much cited because the research procedures that you make are easy and interesting to be adopted by other readers or researchers.

Based on the following experience I will present some Tips and Tricks in writing Research Methods in the article.

How many pages of the research method should we make?

In general, most journals do not limit the number of pages for this part of the research method. 

This is because it is very dependent on the properties of the field of science that will be published. When making part of the research method note the number of pages, not too long. 

Make research methods that are short, solid, and clear to make it easier for readers to understand your article. Especially reviewers will be happy when your research method is easy to understand.

Pay attention to the aspects of "Good Method"

Maximize in making research methods that are short, solid, and clear. When describing and explaining the research procedure must be very clear and unambiguous. 

So that anyone who does or wants to use his method has difficulty. This will be liked by readers.

Maximize the use of "Flow Chart"

When your article has too many numbers in the research method section, then make Flow Chat. Make a Flow Chart save the number of words and make it easier for readers to understand your article. 

With Flow chart, readers will be more interested and easier to interpret your research.

Research instruments must be valid and reliable 

Pay attention to the validity and reliability of the research instrument you have. Present the validity and reliability of research instruments concretely in the research method. 

In the research method, there must be instruments that must be delivered. Instruments must meet VALID and RELIABLE criteria. Therefore, you must write this in the research method. If there is none, the reviewer will definitely ask. 

For quantitative researchers, it is mandatory to include the validity and reliability of the instruments used in the study.

"Social Science: Must be full justified" aspect

Social Science Aspect: Must be fully justified in having an important role in the validity of your article. This is an important point, where everything must be clear in the article you wrote. 

There are no procedures that are hidden in the sense of the approval of the research component and data sources.

Determination of Samples, Populations and Research Subjects

This becomes a substance in the research method section. Some reviewers ask for the determination of Samples, Populations and Research Subjects to be explicit. For sample names/subjects better in code. 

Do not openly show the original identity of students/subjects in the study. The use of the subject/sample identity must have been licensed.

Pay attention to tips and tricks in writing research methods. Never underestimate the research method section to make it easier for the reader/reviewer to understand and assess the articles you have made. 

When you have a new and innovative research method, I am sure that your article will not be REJECT, maybe there are still improvements here and there. Hopefully, these Tips and Tricks for Writing Research Methods can be useful.