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Should Bad Children be Punished?

Hello friends online wherever you are! How are you today? Hopefully it's fine, huh. Well, on this occasion we will discuss about whether bad children should be punished? 

What do you think? Directly sentenced or given a warning like advice? Do you agree if a bad boy doesn't need to be punished? Instead of being curious, let's see it through!

What is Children Definition?

Children are the greatest gift from Allah Almighty. mandated to parents to be cared for, raised, and given their rights and obligations. Children have rights and obligations that must be fulfilled by parents. 

Like the right to get an education, the right to get love, etc. There are things that can affect children's behavior. 

Like environmental factors, family, and friends. Well, that's where the child's character is formed from various external and internal factors. Inside factors are family factors and factors in the child. 

While external factors are friend factors and environmental factors. So, what are the characteristics, causes, and solutions for children who have problematic characters? Here's the explanation!

What are the characteristics, causes, and solutions for children who have problematic characters?

After the explanation above, how is the character of the problematic child? In general, children have deviant behavior if it is not in accordance with the norms and rules.

Should Bad Children be Punished?

To be more specific, there are various kinds of deviant children's characters as below:

1. Unruly and invited to work together.
Usually, most children have these characters. Is your child also included? The things that are most visible are that the child will disobey, as he wishes, begin to regulate not wanting this and that. In this phase, the child really wants to take control. 

There began a rebellion within him. The thing that can be done is to understand it and we should respond with calm emotional conditions. We can only direct and supervise carefully.

2. Less open with parents.
When parents ask the child, "How is the school?" Then the child will answer, "It's normal." But his friend is more open. This is the second characteristic when the child is not accustomed to being open with parents and more trusting with his friends. Finally, the role of the parent figure is replaced by others. 

If this happens we should as parents begin self-correction and get closer to children, by starting to invite casual chat with children, participate in children's activities, such as playing together.

3. Responding negatively.
When children begin to often comment like, "Leave it, it's really bad." That is a sign that the child's pride is hurt. Feel inferior, not confident, and always feel less than himself. Low self-esteem, one way to get back up is to find a foothold.

Children often criticize and insult others to cover their lack of self-esteem. If the child often does this, then we need to increase the self-esteem of the child by giving praise or reward such as a gift if the child is able to do something well and give advice that denouncing and insulting others is not good.

Should Bad Children be Punished?

Should a bad boy be punished? Of course most parents have punished children in various ways. Some are physical and not. Physical contact such as hitting, pinching, tweaking, etc. Some give punishment by providing additional homework such as sweeping, mopping and washing. 

There is something that is only advised. If the child begins to feel afraid of punishment, then the parent considers the child has been deterred from his mistakes. However, what happened is not like that.

The child will feel immune to the punishment sent to him. And start feeling normal with the punishment you give. Or even start rebelling when the child has felt brave against his parents. 

To avoid this, parents should educate not by shouting and playing physically. But with a good approach, good guidance, subtle words, can be a way to change the stubborn attitude of a good child. 

We as parents must be role models for children, therefore we should provide good examples for children. Like when prohibiting smoking, we also don't smoke so children don't smoke.

What is the Solution for Parents in Facing Children?

This is the last question as well as closing this article. Of course, parents will need solutions in dealing with children. How to? If a parent has a problem with the child, then there are various solutions below:
  • Explain correctly and thoroughly what is the subject matter to the child.
  • Stick to the problem being discussed, do not bring up the problem that has passed.
  • Maintain gentle physical contact.
  • Do not use harsh words in front of children.
  • Avoid comparing words with other people, demeaning children, let alone bringing up the mistakes of children who have passed.
  • Don't curse.
  • Avoid powerful statements and actions. Like, "You don't get money.", "You sleep there later tonight.", "I hate you", and so on.
  • Don't act quietly as if the child's mistakes are just trivial and useless.
  • Avoid conversations that will be heard by others.
  • Reflect respect in words and actions for our children.

Every parent will definitely give the best thing for his child, and the child will definitely want to make his parents happy. Therefore, when there is a dispute between parents and children it should be addressed properly. 

Of course, bad kids don't need to be punished in order to deter them. Use words and good actions. And more often communicate to children. This article is enough. See you in another discussion!

Author: Tasya