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Anxiety Disorders

Data from the world health organization in 2015 showed that around 264 million people suffer from anxiety disorders or what can be called an anxiety disorder. Maybe many do not know what an anxiety disorder or Anxiety Disorder? Anxiety Disorder is included in mental disorder, so it is certain that this condition is different from ordinary anxiety. People with this disorder feel very anxious and worried about many things. Even for normal situations they will still feel anxious. Not infrequently, in more serious cases Anxiety Disorder can interfere with the daily activities of suffering.
Anxiety Disorders

One case about Anxiety Disorder is news about Sulli's death. Reporting from CNN Indonesia, a former Korean girlband member f (x) named Sulli died at the age of 25 years, Monday, October 14, 2019. Sulli was found dead in her own home in the Sujeong-gu area, Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. According to the police, Sulli died of suicide committed by hanging herself on the second floor of her house. Kepoisian still investigating the cause of death Sulli. However, before he died Sulli was known to have a mental disorder in the form of social phobias and panic attacks.

The social phobia suffered by Sulli is also known by the medical term Social Anxiety Disorder. Social phobia is defined as a condition of mental health that makes a person afraid and worried because he feels constantly cared for by others intensely. People with social phobias feel themselves afraid of being insulted, judged, and rejected. I was so scared, they had difficulty making friends or even communicating with others. The fear they feel is very difficult to control.

Someone with Social Anxiety Disorder usually has symptoms of anxiety or fear in certain social situations. For example when meeting new people, job interviews, answering questions in class or even while eating and drinking in front of other people. The thing I mentioned earlier can trigger anxiety. In addition to these symptoms, physical symptoms also often appear in people who have Social Anxiety Disorder such as the appearance of sweat, trembling, faster heartbeat, nausea, and dizziness. The social phobia suffered by Sulli was reported because it was influenced by negative comments made by the public on social media which then caused Sulli to decide to end her life.

Globally, suicide is one of the leading causes of death for adolescents up to their 30s. From the incident experienced by Sulli, it can be concluded that we cannot underestimate mental disorders. One of them is anxiety disorder or Anxiety Disorder. Although it doesn't seem important because it only concerns anxiety, an anxiety disorder that is not treated can slowly trigger feelings of suicidal thoughts in the sufferer. However, fortunately in the current era, people are more open about the mental disorders they suffer so as to minimize further events.

The possibility of someone suffering from anxiety disorders depends on several factors. Such as genetic factors and environmental or traumatic factors. Poor experience in the past can cause a person suffering from mental disorders in the future. Therefore it is often found adolescents or someone who experienced a "broken home" or even harassment as a child have a greater percentage of possible anxiety disorders later in life.

Although there are many people who are open about the problem of mental disorders, but still found some people who prefer to hide and let the anxiety remain because they feel ashamed and afraid of having mental disorders. When in fact mental disorders and mental disorders are different and have significant differences. Ordinary people also consider mental disorders a trivial problem that can be cured if left unchecked. Finally, sufferers of mental disorders, especially Anxiety Disorder continues to save their own problems without sharing with those around them.

In my opinion, sufferers of anxiety disorders should be embraced and continue to be encouraged. Because the question of this sufferer is a person who is quite shy or has also been found by the sufferer is an introvert. So people around him as much as possible to ask if you see the sufferer begins to feel anxious. This will make sufferers of anxiety disorders feel more cared for and consider themselves to have someone who cares about him. Our enthusiasm, motivation, and advice are very useful for them to be more courageous and be able to overcome the disturbances that exist in them.

Socialization about human psychology and the importance of mental health for us must be further improved in the community environment. Because as we know, people in rural areas still lack knowledge and information about mental health. If it is not through socialization, it is hoped that with the development of increasingly advanced times people can learn on their own via the internet. So that sufferers who have mental disorders do not feel afraid and are alone because they also have many people who care about and care for them.

Anxiety disorders can be overcome by caring for the little things that we do for sufferers. Our participation in helping sufferers to be brave can be one of the efforts to overcome mental disorders in Indonesia and even in the world. For that we must reduce the feeling of individuality and further enhance the sense of social care in the community so that the creation of a peaceful and harmonious social life and good mental health. Vira Zanuba Khofsyah