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Basic Use of Basic Concepts of Learning Media

The role of learning media is said to be very important in a process of teaching and learning activities. Because, as prospective teachers can find out everything that the media is prepared for the learning process. Teachers can use television films, or in the form of pictures as media material to provide good information to students.
Basic Use of Basic Concepts of Learning Media

With learning media, learning activities that are usually abstract can become more congressional. According to Kemp and Dayton (1985), there are several contributions to the use of learning media, namely:
1. The learning process becomes more interesting.
With the media can be used as an attraction and keep students awake and pay attention to what is learned. The clarity and detail of the message, the attractiveness of images that change position, the use of this filter can cause students' curiosity to be able to think. And can show that the media has a motivational aspect to increase interest.
2. The quality of learning can be improved.
An increase in quality results if the integrity of words and images as learning media can provide communication points of the knowledge section in a way that is well organized, specific, and clear.
3. Submission of the contents of the learning message can be more standardized.
Each teacher must have characteristics in interpreting the contents of the lesson in different ways, but with the use of media can make a variety of interpretations that can be reduced so that the same information can be conveyed to students as a basis for further training or assessment.
4. Timing of learning can be shortened.
The amount of time needed for the learning process can be shortened by using the media and only requires a short amount of time to be able to transfer the contents of the message from the lesson even though in sufficient quantities and can be absorbed by students.

Usually, the tendency of students to use media is very high, especially in increasing students' learning involvement. Can encourage the formation of a collaborative community learning atmosphere and encourage the creation of active teaching and learning. In detail, Asyhar researchers have explained several important things in the use of instructional media namely:

Improving the Quality of Learning
One important factor in shaping good quality education is the quality as educators in implementing learning. As a teacher must be ready to have skill designs to be adequate and utilize learning media as an effort to increase students' interest and motivation to learn. So with increasing student learning motivation can help make it easier to digest and accept the contents of the lesson properly. Like Rapibdhe describes the impact of learning activities on the ability of students like this:
a. 10% of what is read.
b. 20% of what is heard.
c. 30% of what is seen.
d. 50% of what is seen and heard.
e. 70% of what is written and said.
f. 90% of what is said and done.
So, from the difference in the percentage of understanding seen using some of the senses it can be explained that the design of the media can be directed to encourage the optimization of the learning process by utilizing learning media in accordance with the activities above.

New Paradigm Demands
The new paradigm of education makes educators must play a role not only in transferring knowledge to students or just giving material, but also to become a facilitator, learning designer, even as a manager in the classroom. As students also not only accept knowledge or master the content of the lessons learned but also must apply, analyze, evaluate something given to the world. Like the principles of learning according to Merril which includes demonstrations, applications, principles based on tasks, activations that need to be used as a reference to build knowledge that is appropriate to the real world.

Market Needs
The use of instructional media must be in accordance with the demands and needs of the market because they must make graduates who can produce and keep up with the times. Educational institutions are required to be able to design learning media by studying and understanding the current development of the revolution. And that's where the importance of students is equipped with learning that utilizes a variety of learning resources and the latest learning media.

Vision of Global Education
Entering the current revolutionary era, there have been various educational models that rely solely on face-to-face meetings which have caused a great shift, where online-based education has brought the impact of challenging change. The emergence of new trends such as schooling at home (home schooling), independent learning, distance education has become a matter of pride and is the most prestigious form of education today. Therefore, the latest technology must be designed in such a way that the teaching staff, teacher's knowledge and skills must also continue to improve. And various learning facilities must be utilized with various sources to avoid the low public trust in educational services in schools.