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How to Make a Dimension Badge in OJS 3

This time I will make a guide on how to make Dimensions badge on OJS or Open Journal System. Please note that the Dimensions Badge is an application that can calculate the number of Citation, Current Citation, Field Citation Ration, and Relative Citation Ratio from a scientific article.
How to Make a Dimension Badge in OJS 3

For friends who are still curious about how it works can see an example in the journal that we manage on the link: https://journal.ia-education.com/index.php/ijorer/article/view/11

This Dimensions badge is a product of Digital Science which is a company engaged in the digital field in academic activities and to know more closely please read the link https://www.dimensions.ai/

For this example I use OJS version Therefore, if you are interested in installing it in the OJS that you manage, follow these instructions:
1. Make sure your article has been registered at crossref by having an active DOI
2. Make sure the article has been registered with "Reference Linking" can be seen here: https://www.crossref.org/services/reference-linking/
3. Register your institution first to dimensions terms and conditions apply, for more details, please open the link: https://www.dimensions.ai/metricssignup/
4. Login to your OJS cPanel using an admin account, then look for the Templates >> frontend >> Objects >> edit article_detail.tpl file then copy the following code in line 155:

<!-- Start Dimensions Badge -->
<span class="__dimensions_badge_embed__" data-doi="{$pubId|escape}"data-legend="medium_circle"></span><script async src="https://badge.dimensions.ai/badge.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
<!-- End Dimensions Badge -->

Consider the following example:
Dimensions Badge

or you can also change the logo model by replacing "medium_circle" please learn at the following link https://badge.dimensions.ai/?identifier=pub.1127293646#build

5. When finished, don't forget to save it then see the changes that will occur

Remember that the method above can change based on the version of OJS and the theme that you use, but basically it's the same that is important to know how HTML works. And I suggest if friends are still unfamiliar with the html code, we suggest asking for help to the more understanding.

Remember suber data dimensions ie from crossref data, so that if the journal citing your friends article has not yet deposited the data to the crossref then it certainly will not count on the demensions badge or still appear "ZERO" data to find out how to deposit the data into crossref, God willing, we will discuss in the next article.

Thus we made this guide so that it can be useful for friends especially fellow journal managers, and thank you