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The Internet Inhibits Someone's Thinking Power

In this millennial era it cannot be denied if technology is growing rapidly. And almost all people in the world use information technology commonly referred to as the internet. With the sophistication of the technology, all the information we want to know easily can be obtained through this internet media. The internet as one of the reservoirs for all information that is very easily accessible and an alternative for everyone who uses it, especially students and students. Do not know the level of either elementary, middle school, high school until students have used the internet to facilitate them in doing their assignments and even looking for references.
The Internet Inhibits Someone's Thinking Power

But in reality today there are many students who abuse the internet media, whose initial intention is only to search for related information or references, which impacts tend to be lazy to think and feel if there is something more instant that is by plagiarism or copy-paste references that has been obtained.

With such utilization style among students, it can turn off one's thinking and creativity. Especially among students who are commonly referred to as agents of change are very contrary to what is done which when given the task of just copying and pasting answers from the internet. How do they bring change to the people around him while contributing to himself alone can not.

The students actually know if plagiarism is an act of duping and criminal because they have stolen someone's work without including the person's identity. But why is that still being done? because many of the students underestimate that the assignments they have done will not be seriously read by the lecturers and from there comes the reproach of "the important task is complete" and there are even those who chatter "such a task does not have any effect at work then what should I bother to think about? after all on the internet many answers ".
From such assumptions, many students underestimate assignments and rely on the internet as the answer. Not only that another factor that supports students to copy-paste is the low interest in reading. Basically, children in Indonesia have a low percentage in terms of literacy, which causes to directly plagiarize a work from someone else, whether it's wrong or right, the important thing is the task is completed. So that there is no thought process that occurs in our brain, and if the brain is rarely used properly it can inhibit one's thinking power. Similarly, tools that have not been used for a long time will rust.

We as students who are entrusted as agents of change are aware of intellectual rights and obligations. We should be able to prioritize a matter whether it is writing or work, etc. that are scientific and are more active in reading. Actually it is fine if we plagiarize but must follow existing procedures, such as including the name of the author and paraphrasing so that we can get new insights and knowledge and not just copypaste as long as it is guaranteed to be guaranteed with 100% if doing something like that we will not understand the subject matter that we have copypaste and can harm ourselves. As Pramoedya Ananta Toer said "if you want to know the world, then read. However, if you want to be known by the world then write ".

Is not the characteristic of an advanced nation can be seen from the quality and level of reading and writing of its people? Therefore let us together increase reading activities that are useful to add insight so that our brain has material to be processed and does not turn off our thinking power. ALifatul Aprilia