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Definition of Madrasah Management

The term management comes from English, which comes from the word to manage which means to manage, organize, implement, manage, and treat. In Islam, there is the same meaning that the essence of management is al-tadbir (regulation). The word comes from the word dabbara which means to regulate.

Definition of Madrasah Management

In terms of management is a process consisting of actions in the form of planning, organizing, mobilizing, controlling, and controlling which are carried out to determine and achieve predetermined goals or objectives through the use of human resources and other sources.

Meanwhile, the word "madrasah", etymologically comes from Arabic, namely darasa. Madrasah is literally defined as "a place to learn for students", or "a place to give lessons". The word "madrasah" is also found in Hebrew, from the same root word, darasa, which means "to read and study" or "a seat to study".

When translated into Indonesian, the word "madrasah" means "school", although at first the word "school" itself did not come from Indonesian, but from aing language, namely school or scola.

Madrasah means a place or vehicle for children to experience the learning process. That is, it is in madrasas that children undergo a learning process in a directed, guided and controlled manner. In this institution, students learn the matters or ins and outs of religion and religion, so that in its use, the word "madrasah" is known as a religious school.

From the above explanation, madrasah management is a systematic, systemic, and comprehensive cooperation process in order to realize the goals of education in madrasahs effectively and efficiently. In other words, madrasah management is a strategy to create productive (effective and efficient) madrasas.