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What are the Soft Drinks Effect on Health?

Do you know if excessive consumption of carbonated drinks is harmful to our bodies? 

What are the Soft Drinks Effect on Health?

Well here I will tell you what the dangers are due to the frequency of drinking soft drinks, but other than that drinking soft drinks is also a positive thing if you drink it in reasonable circumstances or as consumption for certain people. 

I will tell you what are the benefits of soda water after I discuss the dangers of soft drinks below.

Soft drinks effect on health

Here are some of the dangers due to the frequent drinking of soft drinks.

1. Can cause the body to become fat

Because soda water contains four times the artificial sugar, the content of the amount of sugar can cause obesity and the stomach becomes distended if consumed too often.

2. Trigger kidney failure

Usually, soft drinks are artificial coloring, caffeine, and phosphoric acid. If you consume it too much and the frequency of these dyes can trigger kidney damage.

3. Triggers stoke and heart disease

Soft drinks contain high calories, which can trigger fat buildup, and it turns out deadly diseases such as strokes and heart attacks are the cause of cholesterol.

4. Can damage the brain

Someone found the results of research that people who drink carbonated drinks once a day risk being twice as likely to suffer brain damage faster than people who don't drink it at all.

5. Can damage teeth

Soda water in it contains very high sugar, sugar is usually not from real sugar but from artificial sugar which can cause the growth of bacteria that grow around the teeth, due to bacteria that grow quite a lot of it can cause rapid damage to teeth.

6. Triggers the risk of diabetes

Usually, people with diabetes are caused by consuming too much sugar, now the sugar in soft drinks is very high which can damage your liver system with very high potential. 

Therefore, diabetics must limit the consumption of sugar or reduce foods and drinks that contain very high sugar.

7. Calcium absorption is disrupted and reduces bone strength

Carbonated drinks have phosphoric acid and caffeine which can lead to reduced calcium absorption in bones which over time can cause bone loss (osteoporosis). 

There are ways or solutions that can maintain your bone health, namely, you can consume milk that is low in fat, besides that you can also consume broccoli, egg yolks, and cheese, these foods can also help with the condition of your bones.

8. Can cause premature birth

Drinking carbonated drinks for normal people is dangerous especially for people who are pregnant. 

Now for mothers should be strictly prohibited from drinking soft drinks because there is a study that shows that pregnant women who often consume soft drinks can cause children to be born prematurely.

Benefits of soft drinks

The information above includes negative effects when the frequency of consuming soft drinks. But do you know that soft drinks also have benefits?

Here are the benefits of soft drinks, namely soda water can be used as a cleaning iron that rusts. For example, there is a story from a father and a child. 

A child who likes to consume carbonated drinks, every time his father asks him to shop at the children's supermarket always takes some carbonated drinks to spare at home.

One time the father gave an understanding of the media of learning by telling his son to get his soda drink facing his father and poured the soda water on the rusty bicycle iron. And the father told his son to rub the rag on the rusty iron the child was surprised the rust attached to the iron is lost and fades due to the spray of soda water. 

The father said that is what happens to the organs in your body, are you not afraid if your organs in your body are damaged? 

Therefore do not consume carbonated drinks too often. After the incident, the child learned and refused to drink soft drinks, even though he had been offered by his father.

Besides soft drinks can be used for people who are active in smoking because soda water can clean the lungs dirty due to cigarette smoke that enters the body.

So for friends don't drink fizzy drinks often! Know how to set it aside as a result of how rich it is, as I explained above.

So from that respect your body not to hurt yourself. If you really want to drink fizzy drinks, it's only natural not to overdo it because it is better to prevent than cure. Okay, thank you very much.

Author: Elisa Miftakhul Jannah