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How to Apply the Characteristic of Light to a Periscope Device?

Hi, friends! At night or in the dark we need light as a means of illumination instead. What if there is no lighting device? Of course, it will be pitch black. In this article, we will discuss the properties of light and its application to periscope devices. Let's learn more.
How to Apply the Characteristic of Light to a Periscope Device?

How can light make things visible? Objects can be seen because of the light emitted or reflected in our eyes.

According to the source, light is divided into two, the first objects that have light or can emit their own light such as the sun, lights, stars, etc. 

The second thing that reflects light from other objects, such as the moon that reflects sunlight.

Light Characteristic

1. Light can propagate straight

You certainly have seen people riding motorbikes at night, how are the lights going? Highlighting straight ahead isn't it, this proves that the light is drawn straight.

2. Light can be reflected

Objects that cannot reflect light themselves will reflect light from other objects. Based on the surface of the object, reflection is divided into 2, regular reflection and diffuse reflection. 

What is regular and irregular reflection? Regular reflection is the reflection of light that occurs in objects with a flat surface so that the direction of reflection is regular. An example of regular reflection is when reflecting, the image seen reflected is a reflection of light from an object. 

While diffuse reflection or irregular reflection is the reflection of light that occurs on an uneven or bumpy surface so that the direction of reflection is in all directions. 

For example, when you shine a flashlight on a wall or an object whose surface is uneven, the direction of the light will bounce in all directions.

3. Light can be refracted

You certainly have stirred drinks in a glass using a spoon and sometimes leave the spoon in a glass. What do you see? Surely the spoon in the glass looks broken. 

How could that happen? The event is a refraction of light. Refraction of light is the event of bending light that propagates through different density of substances. 

When light propagates through substances that are less tightly bound to a substance that is denser the light will be deflected closer to the normal line. 

Conversely, if light propagates through a substance that is dense towards a substance that is less dense, it will be deflected away from the normal line. An example of a light refraction event is the bottom of the pool looks much shallower than its original depth.

4. Light can be described

Have you ever seen a rainbow after it rained? How can a rainbow be formed? Rainbow is formed because of the dispersion of light. 

Light dispersion is the process of decomposing white light into colorful light. Rainbow is formed because of the decomposition of sunlight by raindrops.

5. Light can penetrate clear objects

During the day why can the house be bright without turning on the lights? The light entered through the glass which was classified as a clear object. This proves that light passes through clear objects.  

Periscope Definition

Have you ever seen a submarine? How can submarines know the situation on the surface of the water? 

Submarines are ships that operate in water, submarines are usually used to see the condition of the water base, looking for sinking ships, etc. When underwater the submarine can still see the surface of the water because it uses a periscope.

How does a periscope work so you can see the surface of the water? 

The Periscope applies one of the properties of light, that is, light can be reflected. 

Light bounces through an arranged mirror parallel to the position tilted so that observers in the submarine can see the surface of the water.

Hopefully, this article can be useful for readers, thank you.

Author: Eva Alfina Rohmatin