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Why did God Choose Earth to Live by Living Beings?

We live on one of the planets in the universe called Earth. Did you know that planets in the universe are not just Earth?

 Why did God Choose Earth to Live by Living Beings?

There are many planets that God created in this universe. There are Planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, and Uranus. Of the many planets, it is divided into 2 parts, namely, the inner planet and the outer planet. 

The inner planet is closer to the position of the Sun and consists of 4 planets, namely the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. 

And the rest are included in parts of the outer planets that are further away from the Sun, namely the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Of the many planets created by God why only the Earth does God want His creatures to live in?  What are the features of the Earth so that the Earth is chosen by God for His creatures?

What is the Characteristic of Earth Planet?

1. The atmosphere of the Earth Planet

The atmosphere of Earth contains nitrogen, oxygen, gas, and so on. Mercury doesn't have an atmosphere. 

The atmosphere of the planet Venus is almost entirely filled with carbon dioxide. And the planet Mars has a thin atmosphere and contains carbon dioxide and nitrogen. 

While the atmosphere of the outer planet almost all contains hydrogen and helium. Of all the atmospheres of other planets, only the Earth's atmosphere is suitable for living creatures. 

God gives the atmosphere of the Earth which has a thickness of 1000 km to protect the Earth from it. The ozone layer in the Earth's atmosphere serves to protect the Earth from ultraviolet light which is harmful to life

2. The surface of the Earth Planet

The earth has a surface that can be stepped on. There are indeed many planets in this universe. However, not all planets have a solid surface. 

The planet inside has an average solid surface. But the planet temperature on the planet that is suitable to live in is Earth. 

Because the planets Mercury and Venus have hot temperatures and the planet Mars has a cold temperature. While the surface of the outer planet is mostly gas. 

So God put humans on Earth that can be stepped on and have temperatures that are not too hot and not too cold.

3. Air on Earth Planet

Living things certainly live by breathing. They breathe need oxygen and carbon dioxide. This earth has air content that is very supportive of living things. 

The atmosphere of Earth in addition to protecting the Earth from planetary objects also contains oxygen, which is sufficiently high for the life of living things on Earth.

4. The Need for Living Things on Earth

Living things need food and drink. For that God has provided everything on Earth. Allah gives the ocean, the sea, the river filled with clear water. 

Even in the water live edible fish. Allah gave land to plant plants so they could grow crops. Many planets contain water. However, not all planets that contain water are habitable. There are planets that contain water but are in the form of water vapor and are ice.

God does not arbitrarily choose Earth to be the abode of His servants. God has determined the Earth because of the perfect position of the Earth for His servants. 

The earth is in the middle between all planets. The position of the Earth is not too close and not too far from the Sun. 

Apart from the position of the Earth, God chose the Earth because the content possessed by the Earth was very complete and harmless to His creatures. 

So good and love God to His servants. As the most perfect human being created by God, we must help preserve the Earth so that this Earth can still give us life. 

Like the example of a deforested forest. Can the Earth still provide oxygen with damaged forests? Dispose of industrial waste into rivers. Can it provide clean water in the future?

Therefore, let's take care of the preservation of this Earth by looking after it. God has given us what we need. Are you damaging what God has given? Try you think if this Earth is broken? How is your life coming?

Author: Badriatul Hasanah