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What is Autism Cause? Relation of The Emotion and Morality of Autism Children

Salam for literacy friends, don't be bored to read yes. Well, this article will discuss the level and morals of inclusion children. Let's follow the details.

Autism Awareness

Previously I wanted to ask, you know or know about inclusion children. How do you know him? Uh, but before discussing it, you must know about inclusion? 

Well guys, for those of you who want to understand more about the level of emotional and moral inclusion of children again, keep reading friends.

What is Autism Cause? Relation of The Emotion and Morality of Autism Children

Autism definition

Autism includes children with special needs (ABK). Children with special needs are children who have different characteristics with children in general and show emotional, mental, or physical disabilities. Another term or term from Children with Special Needs, namely Extraordinary Children. 

Autism from the word auto which means itself. So, it can be interpreted that children live in their own world. Well, that's a glimpse of what autism is. Already in the audience, now it is entering further about the emotional and moral level of inclusion children.

Autism Spectrum

There are several kinds of children with special needs, namely:
a. Children who are mentally retarded
b. Children who experience physical development delays
c. Children with emotional disorders (autism)
d. Children who experience obstacles to cognitive development
e. Gifted and intelligent children who are special

Now from each type of child with special needs there are different emotional and moral levels and cannot be compared between one another.
Well, guys, this article describes more about children with emotional disorders.

Autism type

1. Based on the appearance of abnormalities

  • Autism infantile, infant means baby so this term is used for children with disabilities from infancy.
  • Autism fixation, which is when the child at birth is normal but abnormalities begin to appear at the age of two or three years.

2. Intellectually

Autistic children with moderate and severe mental retardation have an IQ below 50, autism with mild mental retardation have IQs between 50-70, and autistic children who do not have mental retardation have an IQ above 70.

3. Based on social interaction

  • The group of children who are alone, namely children who are indifferent and point out behavior that is less friendly to their environment.
  • A group of children who are passive, i.e. children who like this can interact with the social and play with their friends, but the game must be as desired by the child.
  • Children groups are active, but have an oddity: this group of children can interact with the surrounding but spontaneously and without being desired by themselves (unilaterally) when doing something.

Level of the emotion of autism children?

An autistic child is a child who lives in his own world. If there is something that is not liked or not in accordance with him, they feel upset and emotions can be in the form of the pronunciation of the words contained in his own world. 

When disturbed by rude words and he is not happy with the talk, they will be upset too. Disappointment is unpredictable how long it will be emotional, but they remember things like that. Emotions will be finished when he is preoccupied with learning or playing which, he enjoys or is invited to talk about things that are general and are liked by many children.

Autism Causes

Autistic children are divided into two types, namely: Autistic children with IQ below the average (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and autistic children with IQ above the average (Autism Aspeger). 

Many people think that autistic children are stupid children, but not so. Autistic children do have their own world but that does not mean they are not smart. Do not just believe it with this.

Now, how about the morals of autism children?

Autism children who have an IQ below the average will be cool with their own world, to take social action to experience delays and feel less friendly to each other, it appears that communication and social barriers, delays in learning and imagination. 

Children who IQ above average or commonly known as gifted are children who think selfishly, are capable of certain problems, use language that is fast, strong in verbal, extensive knowledge, high memory, lack of social interaction, nonverbal speech difficulties, often talking things that are not important. 

They will do things they like, so they are less able to socialize with friends or neighbors. That's it about autism gases children, hope this article can be useful for those of you who don't know about your friends or neighbors who have abnormalities. 

See you again in the next article guys, don't be bored to read. Wasalamualaikum.

Author: Lisdiyanti