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Be a Good Example for People Around

Over time, the world is upside down now. Many bad habits that arise with the development of the times. Many of us neglect to be good examples for the people around us. With the increasingly sophisticated technology, so many of us emulate actors and actresses who are in soap operas compared to their parents.
Be a Good Example for People Around

Being a good person is the dream of many people. The word exemplary itself means an act that is exemplary. People who are worthy of our example are people who do good and are able to give good advice. What should be an example include family and teachers. To be a good example for others is very difficult if it does not start from yourself. In order to be a good example, we should start with good habits.

By doing good habits, surely the people around us will be amazed and will soon imitate. Being a good example also has many positive aspects including among them we will get respect from many people and indirectly we will be respected by many people. Indeed doing good habits will be difficult if you are not familiar. For that to be a good example, it must be able to fight the passions, if not resisted it will be difficult to do good habits.

To be a role model in a family environment that has important implications for someone's life, we can adopt a disciplined attitude of time, not discriminating against family members, apologizing when making mistakes, being open to each other, not speaking in a loud tone that will hurt heart, religious approach, and familiarize with courtesy towards parents. Meanwhile, to be a role model in the school environment including by obeying the rules in school, dressing neatly, doing the task in accordance with the obligations, and being able to learn from a mistake.

Being a good example has many benefits including being a humble person because the better a person's personality, the wiser in all actions.

It can be concluded that being a good role model is very important, even though doing it is difficult by fighting the passions, but if it is done in a gradual manner through small things it will feel easy. Being a good role model for the environment and the people who are around this will greatly influence the life in the future. It is good for us to be a good example, because we need to know that our environment is a reflection of our lives. Silvia Mulyaning Diar