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Sacrifice Building Scholarly Persons

In achieving a person's success will not be separated from the interference of a servant of the nation. A figure who has never known fatigue and fatigue in giving birth to the next generation of the nation's next generation. A figure who is always admired for his knowledge. He is the source of all knowledge, although his role is now being replaced by the flow of technology and information. He is a teacher, a true hero figure who builds intellectuals who are willing to take the time to educate the children of the country.
Sacrifice Building Scholarly Persons

One of the proverbs says "Teacher pees standing pupils peeing ran" besides that there is also a metaphor "The teacher must be digugu and imitated" this illustrates how important the role of a teacher in the educational life of a student and life in the surrounding community. The teacher is a figure who becomes a true role model, all behaviors, attitudes and words will be a public spotlight both in the classroom and in the environment. Teachers become part of the nation's change by printing young people who will become Agents of Change. One nation that values ​​the teaching profession is the Japanese. The Japanese realize that quality teachers are the key to successful development. "Teacher services are higher than higher mountains, deeper than the deep sea" is an expression of Japanese appreciation for the teaching profession.

The task of a teacher is not easy, they not only teach and deliver the material, but they also have to equip students with good character and ethical education for their future needs. They must be active, creative and innovative in an interesting learning process, they must also be patient and patient to face students with a variety of characters and abilities. Teaching is one of the best ways of giving alms, giving charity and making a reward garden for teachers and worthy of worship, never disconnected when the knowledge provided continues to carry its benefits. Teacher's labors deservedly get the highest award in each award event.

In ancient times Master was a highly respected occupation. For example, when students pass the teacher they will kiss the teacher's hand as well as passing by in front of them they will kill. That is proof that in the past the teacher was respected and respected. Unfortunately, respect for teachers is now fading. Students are no longer reluctant to fight and parents who are lighthearted about the law only because of trivial matters. The teacher is no longer seen as a special profession.

When students get an achievement that is praised for their success is their parents without offending the teacher's effort. "That's my son, his parents are smart especially their children. So it is natural to get this award "and other similar expressions. However, if something goes wrong with students it is equally regarded as the failure of a teacher in educating students. So being a teacher must be ready to face the harsh reality.

When a teacher is demanded by various tasks and demanded to be able to advance the education of this nation, it should be accompanied by the welfare they deserve. Not the teacher's gap rooted everywhere. Civil servant teachers receive a higher salary than honorary teachers who are considered volunteer in both private and public schools. They are only paid on a voluntary basis, they only demand their welfare. The demands that have been echoing for a long time have not yet been fulfilled by the government with the classic reason that state finance is very limited. The teacher is always faithful to be the executor of reform from the center of power, the teacher is always the victim of the government's indifference towards the fate of the teacher.

PNS teacher vs Honorary teacher. Teachers with PNS status are a bit more secure in life compared to honorary teachers. In addition to welfare, public respect is also different, to PNS teachers more shown than to honorary teachers. The community assumes that honorary teachers are only limited to assistants in education in the school environment. It is not impossible that teachers with honorary status have far better quality than PNS teachers.

It's no longer a public secret that there are still many teachers in Indonesia receiving a small salary. With a myriad of professions, teachers only receive a salary of hundreds of thousands in a month. Especially honorary teachers, or those who are assigned to remote areas. Not to mention, not a few stories are paid every 3 months. When in fact there are only 2 professions in this world namely teachers and students. But why are teachers always looked down on?

Minister of Education and Culture's statement about teachers going to heaven may not be wrong, bearing in mind that the knowledge that has been taught can indeed be an area of ​​charity. But that does not mean it can be a transfer of government responsibility to improve the quality of life of a teacher. After all, the teacher has the right to receive a decent life. Educating and guiding children in remote areas is not easy. They must travel through steep and difficult terrain to get to the place of service. But, for some reason all the sweat that has been scattered seems not enough to knock the hearts of the higher-ups of the country who seem to die of conscience, deaf, mute and blind to better appreciate the services of these heroes.

Maybe now the government's good intentions to meet the demands of teachers have started to be seen through the teacher certification program or the provision of allowances for teachers, unfortunately the program seems uneven or more inclined to state schools. Or when the program has been implemented there is a cut or delay in the distribution of funds that should be obtained by the teacher. At present teacher welfare is starting to be guaranteed. Still need further evaluation of the government benefits program for a human intellectual builder.

Keep the spirit for those who work as teachers and prospective teachers. Do not give up, for the future of the nation, because without you there are no doctors, soldiers, ministers, businessmen and others. The teacher is a calling of the soul to devote themselves to the world of education and can teach the values ​​of life to students. Because basically in this world there are only 2 professions, namely teachers and students. Being a teacher must have a personality aspect because this aspect will later give birth to self commitment, dedication, strong will and care to remain active as educational practitioners, with all my heart and sincerity in giving birth to future generations who are intelligent, devoted and noble.