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How to set the zoom meeting so that it can be more than 40 minutes

In this article I will share guidance on how to set up a zoom meeting so that the time duration can be more than 40 minutes in conducting a video conference or online seminar. I made this paper because I was inspired by a number of questions from friends via wa especially those who were upset in conducting learning and conferencing online via zoom meeting.
How to set the zoom meeting so that it can be more than 40 minutes

In adjusting the zoom meting so that it can be more than 40 minutes or in accordance with the desired time in live, of course, it must be set further especially when making seminar or meeting schedule so that it can adjust to the duration of teleconference or online seminars that we will hold, so that in conducting the seminar online is not interrupted before the time is over.

This problem is also often encountered by us especially we as users of the zoom meeting for free, but if friends have funds to buy a premium zoom meeting, then I recommend using only the premium because of course more facilities than the free.

Therefore, if your friends are still having problems related to the above, maybe you can use the following trick or method so that the zoom meeting of your friends can be according to the desired duration of time.

The steps in setting the zoom meeting so that the time duration can be more than 40 minutes or adjust to the desired time duration, please refer to the following explanation and I use the desktop zoom application:

1. Make sure the zoom application is installed on the laptop or can be downloaded here
2. Make sure you are logged in using a zoom account
3. If the zoom application is open, please click the "Schedule" menu as shown below

4. If you have clicked on the "Schedule" menu in accordance with point 3 above, a new window will appear, please fill in the "topic" according to the name of the activity, then "start" the schedule for carrying out the activities, then "Duration" setting the desired time zone, now it appears when the user zooms in a basic meeting, then the 40 minute limit information appears, so it must be set by checking the "Recurring Meeting" menu, then "time zone" to set the time location usually when in Indonesia select "Jakarta", then the password can be adjusted accordingly each of our desires, as well as other settings can be adjusted and then make sure all the data is appropriate then click "schedule" at the end look at the following picture:

5. If you have clicked "schedule", it will open "goggle calender" and from there friends can still arrange it further and get a link that will be shared with other participants to follow the activities we carry out as an example of the following display:

Well, thus this article may be useful for friends until we meet in our next article.