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Care and Care for Our Earth

The environment is always closely related to human life, because this environment consists of components concerned with human life. There are 2 possible environmental conditions, namely a healthy environment and a dirty environment. This healthy environment in the form of a clean and beautiful environment, clean air without pollution, clean water without pollution, fertile soil that is easy to plant anything, and a clean and odorless river and so forth. Those are some healthy environment theories printed in the book. But this is always not in accordance with reality. The environment that we often encounter is dirty, polluted, dirty, lots of pollution and rubbish everywhere that has the potential of many germs and bacteria that cause disease in humans. This environment can be said to be a dirty and unhealthy environment.
Care and Care for Our Earth

Dirty environment is also one of the causes of natural disasters around us. If natural disasters occur they always protest against the government, they always blame it all because of the actions of the government who are incompetent to take care of the city and the state. They in this case are people who often blame the government. Yet behind all of that there is our own doing who are sometimes unconscious about it. Every person has the potential to increase the number of environmental pollution. regarding natural disasters such as frequent flooding, this is caused by the large amount of waste generated by humans every day. Humans always use plastic packaging every time they buy anything, but this plastic is always thrown away even though the plastic is still new, still used once, and can still be reused. Where the plastic packaging is difficult to integrate with the soil, it takes more than a hundred years to destroy the plastic packaging, if this plastic waste is burned it will result in carbon dioxide gas which is increasing and resulting in depletion of the ozone layer.

It's so difficult to solve the problem of plastic waste in Indonesia. This is very contrary to the reality, according to humans nowadays if you recycle or use plastic bags repeatedly, one can say that one does not maintain hygiene. When viewed from a hygienic perspective this might be a little wrong but care for our earth which is increasingly critical. The price of plastic bags circulating in the community has a price that is quite affordable so that people always make this happen by using one-use plastic bags. If not us who else will care for and care for our earth. Natural disasters that occur are caused by the age of the earth itself and human behavior that is increasingly rampant.

To overcome some of these problems, we need to make an effort from ourselves. When we shop it is recommended to use a shopping bag or container that can be used repeatedly, this can reduce the use of disposable plastic bags. The existence of procurement of plastic bag purchases in supermarkets also has a positive impact to awaken some people, they will bring their own bags instead of buying plastic bag bags that cost a few rupiah. This effort needs to be implemented in several places and throughout Indonesia because, for example, the price of plastic bags has a soaring price, the public will think twice about buying it so that the wider community will be aware and give a deterrent effect to people who always underestimate plastic bags. Given this effort has not been widely used in all levels of Indonesian society.

If more and more plastic bag users create irregular industrial waste. Then the industrial waste must be disposed of at the landfill. Many of the final landfills for industrial waste have been dumped in local landfills, some people are already aware of the importance of managing industrial waste. But not all of them are aware, those who live in watersheds and slum areas instead of throwing their trash all at will, there are those who throw garbage in the river or around their own residential complex. That way they create problems for themselves and others. For himself, the waste has an impact on the health of himself and his family that can threaten the life of someone, while the effect for others is the occurrence of river blockage that causes flooding and unpleasant smells smelled by many people even though the person does not participate in littering, but the person feels all impacts not made by him.

Some of these things that cause disturbed comfort. Because of human activity that is not responsible, who are willing for the sake of yourself and at the expense of others. The government has done a lot of efforts including regulating government regulations on the environment. But all returned to their respective personal, as well as any government regulations if the people do not have the awareness of the importance of protecting the environment all will be useless. This lack of awareness is necessary and very important to be increased. Direct activities need to be held directly to the community with socialization efforts in each village where the participants of the socialization are fathers and mothers who often shop using disposable plastic bags and residents of settlements in slum areas. From the socialization process, it is expected that the surrounding community can realize the importance of protecting the environment and the earth. starting from ourselves then we have an eco-friendly village so that people will have responsibility for our earth. Dwi Rahma Damayanti