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The Role of Educators in Forming Student Character

Education has a very important role in the progress of this country. Education is the key in educating the nation's generation. If society has a better education, then we will not be underestimated by others, even by other countries. Education is the main provision in life. With education we can distinguish between good and bad, also distinguish what can be done and what can not be done.
The Role of Educators in Forming Student Character

According to the National Education System Law No. 20 of 2003, Education is a conscious and planned effort to create an atmosphere of learning and learning process so that students actively develop their potential to have spiritual spiritual strength, self-control, personality, intelligence, noble character, and the skills needed by themselves, the community, the nation and country.

Then who is it that educates all students to be able to achieve the goals of education? That person is none other than a teacher, they are all unsung heroes who sacrifice their time, energy and mind to form the mindset and personality of students so that the educational goals are realized and give birth to the sons and daughters of the Indonesian nation who will later continue their ideals and the purpose of this country. Teachers are the second parents of their students. Teachers must be able to play a dual role as a teacher and become parents for their students. Teachers not only have the task of educating the life of the nation but a teacher must be able to create students who have character. Teachers must instill and foster strong morals and creeds towards their students.

Even according to Law No. 14 of 2005 concerning teachers and lecturers, that teachers are professional educators with the main task of educating, teaching, guiding, directing, training, evaluating, and evaluating students in early childhood education through formal education, basic education, and secondary education. Then what should be the attitude of a student to the teacher who has educated him every day? It turns out that far from attitudes and ethics that promote morals, let alone to develop science, sometimes showing polite and polite attitudes today as if it is difficult for all students to have.

However, the current state of education can be said to be very alarming, where student morals and manners are still low. Many of the students who like fighting with fellow students, acts of violence, even they no longer have the shame of holding hands with the opposite sex in public places. This is based on the lack of morals and the creed of students.

Many of the factors that influence the current moral crisis of students, one of which is the role of the device and the lack of interaction between children and parents. With gawai, students are free to surf in cyberspace and look for things that are chilled, a sense of socialization of things around to be reduced due to them too busy with care of gadgets that do not care about the surrounding environment. In this case, the role of parents and teachers greatly determines the morals and manners of students, parents can approach their children even parents can act as friends of the child. Thus, children will feel cared for and easy to convey the complaints they experienced at that time.

Lately we know there have been various events involving students and teachers in schools. It is still fresh in our minds a high school student in Sampang who persecuted his teacher to death because he did not accept him was reprimanded while studying or an MTs student in Purbalingga who challenged his school principal to fight because he did not want to accept punishment related to ditching his school truant. Both of these events indicate the not yet forming behavior of respect and respect and an attitude of acceptance of other people's advice to students. Indeed, not all students behave badly like that but some events that occur indicate that the attitude of some students reflects that he does not yet have good ethics and morals.

Is it wrong for a teacher's learning method that has been applied to students so that they are not able to show ethical and moral behavior? Really everything cannot be borne by the teacher's responsibility because the teacher's task of educating and supervising students is only in the scope of the school and a lot of time from students is spent at home or the game environment. Home conditions that are not harmonious, residential environment that often occurs conflict and are not conducive even the role of mass media that is very rapidly developing in the current era of globalization can affect the mindset of a student who is vulnerable to express his ego and lust.

We cannot deny that the mass media of a student can find violent content which will certainly affect his behavior. Games and films are very influential in a student's personality. Seeing all the realities that are happening now experienced by students, it can be said that there has been a degradation of ethics and morals, then why do incidents of violence against teachers still occur and is it possible for today's formal education that emphasizes teachings that emphasize changing students' attitudes and behavior by reprimand and punishment as if it were just the wind and not meaningful when the mindset and behavior of a student has been poisoned by bad behavior that comes from the environment, stimulus or spectacle that in fact increasingly show examples of ethical and moral degradation.

School and teacher assignments will really be very tested to be able to solve students' ethical and moral problems and will be very alarming when the advice, reprimand or punishment given to students for changing their behavior actually backfire on the teacher who actually only intends to carry out their duties and help students become better people. So we need new ways and methods to be applied in educating, regulating and changing student behavior so that ethics and morals are not eroded by the harsh influence of the times that increasingly blind the mind and close the door of the heart.

A teacher must set a good example for students in realizing student charismatic behavior. Therefore, it is not only a student who is required to have good morals and good faith a teacher even has to have good morals and good faith so students can take the example of a teacher. Whatever is done by a teacher will be recorded in students' memories. Like the adage that says "teacher pees standing up, students pee running" in this saying we can draw conclusions if we set a bad example for our students so do not be surprised if one day our students will do things worse than us. Therefore a teacher must be able to provide a good example for students.

But it's not just a student who experiences a moral crisis. Even today there is a teacher who has a moral and faith crisis. A teacher who has the heart to molest his students, is very sad. It's very inappropriate for a teacher to be like this. Who do not uphold ethics as educators for their students. Instead of educating the nation's next generation, it actually destroys the generations and future of students. It is this kind of teacher that is said to be a moral and faith crisis. I do not know what underlies a teacher to have the heart to do such a cruel thing, none other than the moral crisis and the creed of a teacher and the lack of understanding the duties and responsibilities as a noble educator. A good teacher shouldn't do things like that. We are an example for them, so give a good example so that our students can take an example of our movements, speech, and our behavior. Character students are the result of great teachers.

As a teacher or educator we must equip ourselves with sincere intentions and sincerity in order to make our students become the next generation of a great nation with character. Not only that teachers also have to equip themselves with high creativity and sufficient competence. This sincere nature is rarely possessed by a teacher. Many of them feel that what they say is not worth the salary they get, so the consequences when they are in class they do not do the task wholeheartedly. Sometimes they deliver the material is not entirely the result of this material is connected when tutoring. In this tutoring, teachers are expected to get extra money or salary later. But not all teachers are like that. This all happened because the teacher forgot the sincere aspect. If only the teacher was willing to teach, then this sincerity would give teachers unlimited enthusiasm to try hard to make their students understand the material presented. This spirit of sincerity will be able to melt the hard hearts and souls of our students.

Becoming a great teacher becomes our main task, instilling sincerity and sincere intentions in educating the next generation, a student is not merely those who face us every day, but they are the fields of heaven for us later, the knowledge we convey to them will be embedded and always remembered by them, someday when they grow up and become a teacher like us, the knowledge they have gained from us will reach their students until afterwards, that is knowledge without endless always flowing like