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General Concept of Environment as Learning Media

Basically learning is not always in the classroom. In the process, learning is also carried out in the family environment both the school environment and the community. From the foregoing that learning activities are not limited by the right because the teachers must utilize the environment for learning activities, so that students do not feel bored in learning, creative learning activities will certainly be able to increase students' enthusiasm in learning activities not just that learning outside the room will certainly be more varied and cause students to better understand how to socialize with the community.

Types of environments that can be used as learning media are:
1. The environment around the school
2. Materials that are around the community that are not used such as wood waste, bottles, cardboard and straws. Those are the types of materials in the environment that can be used as learning media.
3. Events that occur in the community.

But not all environments can be used as learning media because learning media have certain characteristics. according to asnawir and basyiruddin usman the topics used by the environment as learning media must have certain conditions. The conditions include.
1. Must be in accordance with learning objectives.
2. Can attract the attention of students and pawn the learning of students to be able to live in the midst of society.
3. Can develop student skills and develop interaction with the community
4. Can make students into active, creative and innovative children.

The environment is a huge source for students to learn for that teachers must be able to utilize the existing environment so that students are able to learn with the existing environment. such as the environment that often occurs flooded it can be used to teach students about protecting the environment, such as throwing trash in its place, from there students will think about the consequences arising from those who often throw trash out of place.

One effort to develop learning media is to use existing environmental media because environmental media is a medium that can increase motivation in learning and make students more understanding. because learning to use environmental media is learning directly That is what can make students more enthusiastic in learning activities for it is necessary from the teacher to understand about developing learning to use existing environmental media.

Examples of outdoor learning activities are like carrying out camp activities, indirectly of course students will get to know nature and they can learn directly, campsites have educational values ​​such as teaching responsibility, mutual cooperation and others. Through camp activities is an effort to establish a noble personality, and have a social soul and be able to take responsibility for the tasks given.