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Get to know the unique culture of Santri

The term santri is indeed familiar to the general public, santri in language comes from the Sanskrit language that is Shastri which means the scriptures, religion, and knowledge. In general, a santri is a student who stays in a boarding school for a certain period of time to demand to deepen his religious and general knowledge. Being a santri is indeed not an easy thing, far from parents, all activities are carried out independently such as washing clothes, ironing, preparing food and much more. This will be a challenge for new students who before living in the hut, almost all activities are always assisted and prepared by their parents, of course it is not an easy matter to go through and do continuously. It takes careful preparation, strong mentality and organizing intentions, so that they quickly adapt and blend in with the environment and new people.
Get to know the unique culture of Santri

The density of activities at the Islamic boarding school from before the Fajr to before going to sleep such as the Koran, the Koran, the school of worship and other extra activities that take a lot of time, a student inevitably we must be able to manage time well, because those who understand our condition is we ourselves are not other people and we cannot depend on others. So we must be good at managing time well by making personal schedules and making special tips that can benefit and facilitate ourselves to be more effective and efficient. Like adjusting the hours of sleep and waking up, this is very important because of the dense activities in the cottage we must set the right rest patterns and stay away from sleeping too late (staying up late), the benefit is that we can get the prayer of night prayer and bathing early to avoid long queues of showers and delays in going to school. Always take an early evening shower on time and avoid night showers. Washing clothes once every three days. If these activities are carried out well. Then the reciprocity that we will get is very big for the future of life. This can foster a disciplined, orderly, and unhurried attitude.

In addition to managing time properly, a santri must also be able to take responsibility for himself, keep personal belongings from being lost or exchanged with others. Although lost or exchanged items are common, we should not underestimate them. If we continue to underestimate it, bad habits such as careless and careless will stick with us. Therefore from here we are aware of the importance of maintaining and protecting personal belongings. This attitude if practiced continuously then the reciprocity is very large for life in the future.

Character education in Islamic boarding schools has been carried out for a long time and is still preserved and not forgotten. Lots of unique cultures in Islamic boarding schools that reflect the value of character education such as deposits, roans, ta'ziran. Deposit is a santri activity to conduct memorization which is deposited to the supervisors in the form of memorizing prayers, special letters, and nadhoman. The biggest challenge when memorizing deposits is that students are often nervous and even forget suddenly when they are confronted by the examiners, tips so they are not nervous when memorizing deposits are, take a deep breath, make sure we really memorize it, then focus on memorizing it. Deposit activities are usually used as a condition to take the midterm, final semester exams and as a requirement when going home. It aims to test memorization, train students' memory and as a provision of knowledge for future social life.

For students the term roan is familiar to be heard, so what is roan? Roan starts from the word tabarrukan which is abbreviated as rukan, then it becomes roan. Roan is a thing that is attached to students who live in Islamic boarding schools where the roan activities are mutual cooperation to clean the environment of Islamic boarding schools. Although it seems simple, roan has enormous benefits for themselves and for pesantren. It is hoped that routine activities every week can provide positive energy for later days after graduation. Santri is able to practice a disciplined life, mutual cooperation, and solidarity between friends, therefore Roan has a very deep meaning for students. Besides the teachings of Islam that we often hear, cleanliness is part of faith. Cleanliness is also recommended by medical experts who are very useful for ourselves and the environment. Roan boarding schools are usually held on Friday and there will be a big roan at the beginning of every month on Friday. Places that need to be cleaned when roan such as prayer rooms, halls, offices, ndalem (nanny's house), study rooms and bathrooms.

Furthermore, there is the term ta'ziran, this term may be quite strange to people in general, but for students the term ta'ziran or punishment is very often carried out for students who violate the rules of boarding schools. This is done to provide lessons for students to remain compliant by implementing the rules and avoiding the prohibitions that have been set. The causes that often occur when students in ta'zir are usually not congregation, late to school, skipping the Koran, skipping school, and smoking for male students. Usually ta'ziran take the form of chanting chanting, memorizing certain letters, cleaning the bathroom, until cutting bald hair for male students. Ta'ziran sometimes also takes the form of a fine material in the form of a bag of cement, a microphone, and a carpet when he enters the cottage after a long holiday.

However, there is one bad habit, but it seems natural that it is very common and practiced by students and not worth emulating is ghosob. Ghosob is borrowing and using people's things without the owner's permission. The term ghosob is an event that is often experienced by students as well as annoying, because the goods or objects that we have when placed in a certain place, suddenly disappear without knowing who is borrowing or using it. Items that are often in ghosob like sandals and clothes hangers.

Then will a student be burdened with all his activities? of course not if it's done with friends and a sincere heart. Many activities and lessons in Islamic boarding schools that will not be found out there. Such as muhadharah training, studying nashor, studying the yellow book and many more. Difficult to be a student will be a distinctive memory, from becoming a new student until the final class students. The togetherness and solidarity of santri is indeed not in doubt. Far away with parents and relatives makes us more respectful and respectful of others, because the ones who are always there and who can accompany when ups and downs are friends. Those who listen to complaints, ask for opinions, discuss together, friends must be the main target.