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Zoning System

Last year, many people discussed the zoning system. For those of you who don't know what the zoning system is, the zoning system is a system for entering junior high / high school education. In the past, if we wanted to enter a public school or our favorite school competing so that our UN scores were good. Well, now there is a zoning system as we want to enter public high school measured by the distance of our homes closest to public schools. Because of this system, there are many people who want to enter a favorite public school whose house is far from the school, so it is difficult. Even those with high UN scores did not enter, and certainly will be disappointed. and conversely, students with low UN scores become more likely to enter favorite public schools.
Zoning System

Now, in my opinion, this zoning system is very good, because the aim is to spread education evenly. So that everyone can feel the same education. But if all schools are at the same level. Well, the problem is now there is a favorite school with good teachers, good facilities, good school presentations, compared to other schools the quality is better. And finally if we are told to choose, we will definitely choose a better school.

Well, if the zoning system is applied there should be no difference. Must be balanced. So, going to school A or school B makes no difference. So, the key is to equalize the quality of education. So, there can't be a better school than the others. Well, this is where the government's task should be to equalize education, starting from the quality of schools, their accessibility, facilities, and so on. If all schools are equal or evenly distributed the zoning system will be better.

When compared with other countries, for example Japan. Japan also uses a zoning system, but in Japan all schools are evenly distributed starting from the facilities, quality, and accessibility. Because the real purpose of zoning is to level education. So Japan dared to implement the zoning system. Unfortunately, in Indonesia this zoning system should not be applied first. Because seeing in Indonesia has not been able to evenly spread education equitably, because there are still favorite schools. Karean wherever people who struggle to study in order to enter their favorite school of choice becomes unfair to them.

This zoning system policy students and parents have many concerns about the implementation of the zoning system. For example, students find it difficult to get into the desired school, because the opportunity to get into the desired school or favorite school will decrease if the zoan of their domicile is different from the school they want. Then, students 'interests and talents are not explored well because the school they are assigned is unable to facilitate the students' interests and talents.

On the other hand, there is a positive side to the existence of this zoning system. For example, equity in the quality of education. With this zoning system, the image of favorite schools will fade slowly. And there will be no more superior schools. Because all students who have high achievements will be scattered in various schools according to the domicile zone, and will not be encouraged in certain schools.

And there is also a negative side to this zoning system, namely, many students are surprised by the existence of this new system implemented by the government. Especially for those who really want to go to school at school who get the title of favorite school in their area. That's also because they have struggled to learn to enter a favorite school. This might also disrupt the seriousness of a number of students in the National Examination the following year. Furthermore, many parents are disappointed, when their children have been enrolled in lessons that are not cheap so that their favorite schools can be in vain. This possibility makes many parents of students protest. In my opinion it is natural, because every parent wants to provide the best education for their children.

When previous schools that were not considered "favorite" schools accepted students who performed academically, the school had to be able to facilitate the academic needs of these students. One way is to improve the quality of teaching staff. Educators or existing teachers will be more demanded separately to be able to guide high-achieving students. So that the image that certain schools that have more long-term quality teachers will be eroded.

With the priority of schooling based on the domicile zone, most students and parents will actually be facilitated because their commuting routine will be much lighter and easier. If previously there were students who had to go to a school that was far away, now this is not the case.