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The existence of bullying in elementary school children in the Millennial Era

The term bullying, known as an activity of harassment or bullying that involves negative things by harming, physically and mentally hurt someone. In today's modern era, things related to bullying are very easy to happen. for the perpetrators of crime will certainly be more flexible in utilizing technology to do this, including in elementary school age children. In fact, it is often encountered, bullying cases in schools conducted by fellow students. The purpose of the oppressors' actions, usually based on feelings of envy or discomfort in themselves. This kind of thinking creates a feeling of wanting to be stronger and not wanting to be rivaled by others.
The existence of bullying in elementary school children in the Millennial Era

The age of elementary school children, generally ranging from 7-10 years. And better known as golden age or middle childhood. At this age, children begin to live a social life with their peers. They begin to develop their personal personalities such as the formation of physical, social, and academic self-concepts to support the development of self-esteem, self-confidence and self-efficacy. Therefore, this age is very susceptible to being influenced by the surrounding environment and its people. The important role of teachers and parents is needed in guiding children so that bullying can be avoided. However, along with the times with internet access and gadgets that are growing rapidly, most children at this age have made it easier to get access to technology. And the case of bullying in children is increasing rapidly. Not infrequently the actors are also affected by what they get in accessing technology today.

Bulyying cases are divided into 2 namely, mild and severe bullying cases. For example, when bullying is verbal like cussing, berating and insulting. In a sense, it only hurts feelings. While the category of severe bullying, when physical violence occurs and results in severe psychological trauma and injury

At the elementary school level, the children who are most at risk of bullying are children who cannot blend in well within their environment or are commonly referred to as less popular children. This child tends not to oppose or report incidents of bullying against adults or those closest to him. They are more often alone and have psychological difficulties. This results in mental and emotional damage which will lead to a decrease in academic level and self-confidence. Not only the victims who got bad influence from bullying, but also the oppressors. Maybe the bullies didn't get physically hurt. however, mentally and emotionally, there is a disorder in which they get satisfaction or power over their acts of oppression. The more heinous their actions are, no doubt the oppressors are also more happy or entertained when they see the condition of the injured victim. But sometimes there are also some of the oppressors who feel guilty, even if only a little, for their actions. This can touch their emotions and can make them aware that their behavior has been wrong.

Harassment until now has become a serious problem at the elementary school level. The reason is, the causative factors of bullying are not only from the school environment. However, there are several factors from outside the school environment such as, home, social environment, parents, also related to the ease of accessing technology. In an example like a cartoon on television. Not a few that describe about how acts of harassment and oppression in every cartoon scene that children watch now. Assistance of parents is needed to provide direction and understanding of the maxims in every cartoon watching they watch.

No exception with children who play games through their gadgets. Some games are not intended for ages their age because there are fight scenes that should be considered as a result. Parents are expected to put more emphasis in guiding their children on matters concerning the world of technology. Of course, it is not excessive prohibiting them but, limiting the time for them to play all available technology. So that children are also not behind the times.

Back to the school environment, in truth, their ages are a time in the search for identity. However, sometimes the words they say or all their behavior is obtained from those around them. For example, when the teacher is scolding students with ridicule or ridicule. This needs to be considered again about the mental condition and development of children who will be caused later. Because there is no possibility, the student will imitate the words and behavior of the teacher. Therefore, the teacher as the only example in school must also provide understanding as well as good examples to his students. In solving the problem of bullying at school, not merely by reprimand. However, through the process of approaching children and multiplying communication, students will feel safe and can express everything that he experienced including the reasons for being bullying. With the process of psychological counseling or counseling, victims must get a sense of protection as well as the right solution to overcome the physical and psychological trauma that they have.

Therefore, awareness of bullying must be increased. Namely by starting to act and talk to the children around. care and meet with teachers and school administrators so that oppression that often occurs can eventually be stopped. Without the courage to talk to anyone, change cannot be obtained in this world.