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Love and Truth

When people talk about love and truth, they are actually looking for and choosing "something" in their lives and lives. One search can get lost then fall. Worries choose to be hesitant. Or too sure tend to be careless. In fact, can be trapped feeling arrogant again arrogant. Not for all three. Everyone wants to be the right person, right and right.
Love and Truth

It is a necessity that love and truth are always interesting to be discussed, sung, and even legalized by many people everywhere. Because actually life begins with love, and life becomes interesting because of beliefs about truth.

Life itself. Only life together. Life is determined by yourself. Life can be determined by other people and the environment. Every life is different. Only life that can and can be uniformed. Life is unified. Just different looks different colors.

If it's a life line it's vertical - life is a horizontal line. In the dimension of numbers, life is zero. Then life is the numbers afterwards. If love is a substance, it is colorless. Then the truth that gives it colorful. Like the body of love is the blood that flows through life. While the truth of the foot of life buffer.

There is no life without life. Useful and easy to live because of life.

There is no life without love. Life in vain without truth. Such are the various elements of intertwining between life, love, life, and truth. Wow, really who is behind the meaning (essential) of love and truth in life and this life?

It is said that love is something in the form of expression, feeling, sacrifice, understanding, and program.

Hypothesis questions are: (1) how to say love, whereas you have never revealed anything; (2) how can you say that your love is truly sacred, whereas you have no feelings; (3) what is called love, while you have never sacrificed anything; (4) how to accept his love, while you have no understanding; (5) how can your love be called sincere and sincere, while you have no program?

And truth is something in the form of investigation, problem, discussion, interpretation, or action, and direction.

The rhetorical questions are: (1) how might something be considered true, whereas it has never been investigated at all; (2) how it can be said to be true, whereas you don't yet understand the problem; (3) how could something be considered right, whereas previously it had never been discussed; (4) how can it be said to be true, whereas you have never applied it; (5) how is your action said to be right, while the steps you take are not according to instructions?

That is love and truth. When looking for it must go through legal procedures that are run correctly in order to know something. Or know first well the matter of the course of the law of something. Do not beheaded. Do not also randomized or flipped through. That is a series of sentence meanings. Can cause confusion, stagnation, distortion, and so on. And, often the meaning of fragments tends to be inconsequential and far-fetched.

Drinking love and truth in life and life requires requirements, manners, or logic criteria. Because of reaching for love and truth the way is there and again it is real. Not like a dream. There is but not real.

Love is not a matter of mere feelings. Not just a matter of disclosure. Not just feeling. Nor is it a matter of mere understanding. Love needs sacrifice. He needs real programs. The same is true of the truth.

Apparently he is not just a leader's instructions. Nor are the edicts of the ulama. Or doctrines alone. The truth needs investigation because there is a problem beforehand. Truth requires discussion. And, a truth requires the application of action as evidence to ensure that it is indeed true.

Expressing love without any criteria and logic requirements is mere crap. Like a teenager in love, only lust talks. It will pass when you fall asleep lulled by love. To call truth not by manners of logic is dogma.

Is dogma a belief that is accepted without criticism without inquiry. Only a matter of time. Dogma gradually turns stale where the benefits are merely myths or stigma. Its location in the mouth is covered with prestige and lies.

Therefore do not move from one thing to another before you know the nature of truth. Especially the truth of love, being loved, and the truth of love.

Something said to be true is something that moves according to the nature and demands of his day. Apart from that it still cannot be said to be true mutlaq. Because actually the truth comes from Him, the Eternal Rabb.