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Higher Education Seems Meaningless

At present, it is undeniable that the average community considers continuing education to tertiary institutions is unnecessary. Many people who choose to work after completing education in higher education. If these thoughts continue to exist and develop in society, then their lives will not develop, and tend to be narrow. Therefore, there is a need for socialization to the public regarding the importance of continuing education to tertiary institutions to change the future for the better and create broad thinking.
Higher Education Seems Meaningless

As we know, higher education is an educational institution which is a continuation of senior secondary education held to prepare students to become members of the community who have academic and professional abilities that can apply, develop and create science, technology, and expertise. In this day and age education is very important to support a child's future to be better, but in reality today many children do not continue their education. At this time after children complete their education from High School (SMA) and Vocational High School (SK) they will choose to work, especially children who are educated in Vocational High Schools (SMK). That was caused due to economic limitations and mistaken assumptions in the community. Communities in the lower middle class assume that continuing education to tertiary institutions costs a lot, whereas in fact the tuition fees of each child depend on economic conditions, besides that in universities also provided scholarships for underprivileged students and scholarships for outstanding students .

Continuing education to college is considered as useless by the community. They assume that higher education is not the thing that affects the future of a child, it is because their mindset is too narrow, just as many previous communities did not get an education. Thus, they do not know that the actual cost of continuing education to a college depends on their economic conditions, and some are even free. In addition, they see some realities about unemployed and hanging bachelor. Even though higher education really changes a person's destiny, if someone has a degree, then that person can easily get a job.

In addition, people who study in higher education must have a broader mindset, so that it can create great changes and be beneficial to society. It is undeniable that in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 technological developments are advancing, many human jobs are replaced by machines, so there are fewer jobs. Therefore, human skills must be further improved. To improve these skills, then every individual needs a better education, because the patterns of thinking and abilities of highly educated people are far more advanced than those who only go through education to higher education.

In the reality of real life, some people who do not have education can succeed, but that only happens with a ratio of 1: 1000, while the community still assumes that the most important thing is to go to school, even if they don't graduate, completing education until education is considered sufficient. . Even in my village, the community believes that children who continue their education to tertiary education will only spend their parents' wealth, and essentially they continue their education to get a job, so no need to go to school anymore, because it will not be useful.

In addition, the community's thinking that truly underestimates children who continue their education to college is that they assume that girls do not need to have a high degree, they do not need to go to school, because eventually they will return to the kitchen. Until now I still wonder, why can people assume that? whereas to return to the kitchen (to be a housewife) also requires knowledge, especially to educate children, if women have more knowledge then children will be well educated to be able to think broadly in line with the patterns of the times.

Even though it is clear that what is happening in society, highly educated women are far more successful and secure their lives, because they get better jobs than women who do not work and do not continue their education to college. In addition, for someone who works after completing his upper education will get a labor-intensive job with a small salary, in contrast to someone who is highly educated will certainly easily get a job, and surely his life will be guaranteed. However, why do people still assume higher education is meaningless?

It should be changed the mindset of society to be more open in seeing the reality that exists and able to think broadly in line with the times. So that they will not just carelessly assume / argue. Therefore, students who enjoy higher education can change these thinking patterns by proving that higher education is very meaningful. This can be done by applying the knowledge learned to the welfare of the community, so that people's assumptions will be able to change over time.