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The Importance of Education as a Nation Relay

Education is a very important thing for the life of every human being, even in the hadith of the prophet explained "Demand knowledge to the land of China" is the term of the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad that we often hear in the world of education. For this reason education needs to be carried out for everyone everywhere and to whatever extent, because the existence of education itself is necessary to build community welfare without education, there will be many losses or negative impacts that arise on the surface of the nation's life such as higher poverty rates, increasingly mushrooming unemployment which will result in high crime rates, such as theft, murder, molestation and so forth, thus it is best to prevent and reduce the number of children dropping out of school so that the level of crime and even its negative effects see that at this time many people are not able to improve economic welfare and it results in education this is also one of the parents' lack of awareness of the importance of having a high quality education in order to shape the nation's successors in addition to these factors the rise of early marriage also results in the dropping out of adolescents to school /searching for knowledge
The Importance of Education as a Nation Relay

Seeing the 1945 Constitution Article 31 paragraph (1) which reads "Every citizen has the right to education". The article has proven that here the state guarantees the right of citizens to get education both at the level of Elementary Schools (SD), Junior High Schools (SMP) and High Schools (SMA) with the existence of a 12 year compulsory education program.

In addition, the government has also issued many types of scholarships to support underprivileged children so that they can continue their education, one of which is the Provincial Scholarship and Bidikmisi Scholarship, especially now that the Jokowi government has issued KIP to help people who have not been able to continue education, it alleviates the burden on society to advance a nation that is able to compete with other countries.

Education is not only a matter of academics but also non-academic, because in the world of education not only quality needs to be considered but morals also need to be fostered as a support for the birth of a good generation, because the purpose of education is to create a generation that is not only intelligent but also moral, and intelligent spiritual and emational, but in fact in the current era of globalization many young people are tempted by the rapid development of the internet for example that many children today are more concerned with gadgets than their daily learning tasks they are fixated on cyberspace so that he becomes a figure that their individualism desires Forget the real life, it is necessary to have a moral education as early as possible so that the easy generation is not only smart with academic achievements but also has a high moral role of the family in this case is a very important role especially mothers, mothers are the first madrasa for their children. to be very necessary for parents to create a generation that has good character, if there is a family organization disk, it will affect the psychology of children and can disrupt their education.

The role of the government must also support to advance the education of the Indonesian nation such as providing adequate facilities in every school and professional teacher, therefore, our government should be able to increasingly monitor developments in improving the delivery of quality and moral education for children.

For children who have dropped out of school, guidance should be made in order to return to continuing their education with various scholarships provided by the government, in addition it also requires the role of parents in raising awareness of the importance of education for their children to get a better future . In fact, education is not a scourge for the lower middle class but a quality and moral education is a bridge for the successors of the nation's generation to achieve their dreams of achieving a better future.

Therefore it is obligatory for every individual to get a minimum schooling so that they can understand what other people are talking about in the age that we are going through and including can also improve school human resources. ACh. Shaykh arif al wafa