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Principles for Selecting Learning Media

The choice of instructional media in the learning process will contribute to the effectiveness of learning objectives. But the selection of instructional media also needs to consider the principles that must be considered.
Principles for Selecting Learning Media

Here are some principles that must be considered when choosing learning media:

Effectiveness of Learning Media
The main principle of choosing instructional media is the effectiveness of instructional media in achieving goals and effectiveness to help students understand the learning material that will be conveyed. Educators or teachers must consider whether the learning media used have been effective when compared with other media. In addition, teachers must also consider whether the cost of learning media was comparable to what students would receive.

Students' Level of Thinking
Learning media must also be selected based on the level of student thinking. Learning media is better to use concrete objects than abstract media. The learning media for elementary school children should not be as detailed as the learning media for middle and high school children. If the complexity of learning media is not in accordance with the fact that the students will be easier to understand, it will be even more confusing and make children not focus on the material so that they do not get the expected learning outcomes.

Learning Media Interactivity
The next principle in selecting learning media is interactivity. How interactive are students with learning media? The more interactive the media, the better the learning media will be because the bias is more encouraging students to be active in the lesson.

Student Interest in Learning Media
It is very important for teachers to pay attention to students' interests in learning media, because a learning medium greatly influences student interests. There are several learning media that can influence student interest better than other learning media.

Teacher's Ability to Use Learning Media
No matter how good the media will not be effective if teachers do not master the media, for example computer-based learning media if the teacher does not master computer-based learning it will be useless. Regarding the learning media to be chosen the teacher must master / understand the media first.

Learning Media Flexibility
The next principle is flexibility, the media chosen by teachers must have good flexibility. What is meant by flexibility here is that it can be used in a variety of situations. Sometimes, when the media learning process takes place changes in the situation which results in the media can no longer be used. For example learning media that uses electricity sources in operating it, can only inhibit ongoing learning when suddenly tibalistmmati. Etc.

As according to Drs. Sudirman. N. (1991) he only divided into 3 categories of principles for the selection of instructional media, as follows:
1. The purpose of selection, the selection of learning media to be used must be based on the intent and purpose of selecting the right media.
2. Characteristics of instructional media, each learning media has certain characteristics, both in terms of efficacy, how to make it, or how to use it.
3. Alternative choices, choosing is the decision making process of various alternatives. A teacher must be able to choose and determine which instructional media will be used if there are several learning media considered.

1. Availability
It is very important that we know or survey beforehand whether the media to be used is already available? if not, can the media be obtained easily? There are several alternatives if indeed the media to be used is not yet available, the first we can make or design the media ourselves, we can make together with students, borrow or even buy or ask for help from other parties.

2. Procurement costs
Some uses of learning media sometimes require a large enough cost, is there a fee for that? Are the costs incurred in balance with the benefits and results of their use? For that we also have to think about how to make the costs outlay are commensurate with what is obtained, even if it can be more than what is incurred

3. Time allocation
In the process of learning time is very influential on the use of learning media. For this reason, when we want to choose learning media, we must consider how much time is needed or whether this time is sufficient for its use.