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So Women Are Complicated

I will discuss this with all of you, so you all know what that woman is like. O adam, so you know how to respond to the attitudes of women who are good and right. So like this, the woman is a woman. No need to laugh, it's not a joke. Women are gentle and affectionate creatures because of their delicate feelings. In general the nature of women is beauty, tenderness and humility and nurturing. Thus the picture of women who are often heard around us. Let's get to know the characteristics of women that are rarely known by everyone in order to be able to respond to women's attitudes well, while the characteristics of women are as follows:
So Women Are Complicated

First, the woman likes to feel inferior or likes insecure or lacks confidence in herself. How come? Because women are more likely to insecure than men. And that woman very often compares herself to others. From the slightest thing women are definitely less confident. Examples that often occur among women are:
"Why can't I be like them?"
"I'm nothing from those who can buy this and that."
"I'm not confident that near those who are prettier"
"I am nothing compared to those who can do everything"

So you people, Adam and Eve, if there is a friend of yours who has the characteristics like the example above, let's try to cheer them up, don't fall in with words that can make them feel more inferior and make their hearts ache.

Secondly, the woman is very sensitive. Not every time a woman is sensitive, usually we are sensitive at certain times. For example, when PMS (premenstrual syndrome) due to the influence of the hormone serotonin, our emotional stability will be a little disturbed. So those who have a girlfriend here must pay attention. Surely many are asking "why the heck is that girl so sensitive". Very often this question comes from the men. Because the woman uses her feelings and emotions more in thinking and acting. It's different again with guys who tend to act rationally. This trait is very natural from a woman who always uses the heart. So don't blame women if they are too sensitive to their boyfriends if they are close to other women even if they are just friends. Believe me guys, sensitive is not the kind of emotion we want, this is one of the nature that we accept as descent. We just need understanding at times like this, because girls tend to think toward feelings and guys to logic. So oh adam, understand and understand if you have a girl who has a sensitive nature.

Third, women are easily baper. Back again because women always use the heart. And there are many women who easily baper if there are guys who are close to them and give more attention to them. So O Adam, please do not give too much attention if you want to come and go again. This is the heart not a vehicle.

Fourth, the nature of the woman likes to be pampered. Actually not asking to be pampered but that woman likes being cared for, loved, and so on. Strangely, the attitude of women if treated like that they are easily baper. So, O Eve, if possible, don't like being spoiled with guys and try not to be easy.
Fifth, the woman is easily worried. Back again because women always use feelings. If something happens to the person who unfortunately women will feel very worried. Especially when he does not give news all day that is in the minds of women, certainly something happens when nothing happens. So, oh adam, tell them how busy you are so they don't worry easily. And you as a woman think positively so there will be no worry.

Sixth, women sometimes talk a lot. Sometimes we often ramble on and comment, because we also want to express our opinions. Maybe our way which is rather noisy is "overdue" when expressing an opinion. Sometimes women who talk a lot have a sense of more concern, maybe just how to express it is more noisy.

Finally this woman cries easily. Back again because girls always use feelings. So, if there are people who speak harshly or shout at them sometimes the woman cries very easily, especially when the woman's heart is hurt. Do not hurt women because women are not as strong as men. So that women vent their pain in tears.