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The Importance of Education for a Woman

Many people who think why women with high education? Later going back to the kitchen and caring for his wife and children. What's wrong with women having high ideals such as becoming a teacher, doctor and nurse. Education is not a limit for all people, both men and women have the right to be educated. That is the obligation of a Muslim (male and female) to get knowledge. As the Prophet SAW said: "Studying knowledge is obligatory for both Muslims and Muslim women. Islam strongly encourages educated followers not to fall into ignorance. Education is a provision to know and understand the benefits of life and survival.
The Importance of Education for a Woman

Education basically starts from the family and then sharpened to elementary school to college. but today there are many families who ignore the education of women. The mindset is influenced by economic factors and the low education around the environment. Not many parents choose their daughters to be married rather than highly educated. It is better for men to be educated because they will become the head of the family later. But if you see the presentation many women who do not go to school. So, this is the cause of early marriage. Some factors that occur discrimination. When selecting class administrators, usually the higher ones are men because they are considered more suitable. However, in the law there is equality, men and women are not free to discriminate on the basis of any kind of equality in education.

 Education in the family begins with, a woman has a child who will educate her child with maternal instincts. Mother is the first teacher closest to her affection. Mother will teach everything she can from the small to the complex. A woman who has high knowledge is not a waste but has good benefits. Because it can support the course of the household. Women who have higher education are not necessarily individualistic. Women not only have intellectual intelligence, but also have 3 intelligence, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Through education women can be more advanced and have knowledge. With education women can choose to determine their way of life and independence. Educated women can have skills that are not dependent on men and women can be more confident. The reality now many consider women one eye. One example of R.A. Kartini who fights for women's rights, one of which is science and education for women. Her struggle succeeded in changing women to be more advanced, because women have an important role in social circles.

In a woman's life holds a very important role. However, this is abstract. Women are the role of the next generation of intelligent and moral leaders. Life in the family is the starting point from towards a state life. Children who are born from educated families will certainly have more attention from parents, especially mothers. This is in a psychologist the love of a mother is very high. Starting from education in the family, women will start printing their children to become golden children. A child's faith, morals and prayer are educated from a mother who will compete to print her child into a golden child.

As a woman also has the right to be a career woman. Career women are not just for style, but there are many reasons that make women choose to work instead of staying at home. Different women who do not want a career for various reasons, there are many reasons for example lazy or indeed from well-off families. However, a great woman is a woman who has a career and can share her time with family. In times like this that are all too expensive, many women are better off as career women. There are several reasons such as first, not all of the family's economic factors have enough needs to meet the needs of family, parents and personal needs so they have to work hard. Second, to prove that women can also earn. Increasing the quality and quantity for women's education has a major contribution to nation-building. Women have a big role in creating a generation of people who believe, have faith and have morality. Education exists to embark on the provision for the development and progress of the nation. Without education, we will live in a stupidity that will impact the destruction of a country. By giving birth to egalitarian education not only gives a position to women but, can reduce the nation's poverty rate.

Thus it is time for the State to fulfill the right to education both outside and in schools to encourage the ability of the nation. Non-discriminatory education can be beneficial not only for women but also for men especially to equalize it. But it is not only in the education system but how the role of parents is not seen as trivial because it is the first benchmark in getting an education. Develop and rise education can be obtained without differentiating groups. Education is the right of every people, both men and women. 'Education is a powerful weapon that can be used to change the world' (Nelson Mandela).