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Knit Youth Integrity

The dynamics of globalization in society become a race for every country, a clear influence on the world of lifestyle and global culture that has become a center of public attention, not infrequently people follow the style that exists outside to increase popularity.
Knit Youth Integrity

The flow of information in and out of each country becomes faster because of the internet, social media and other internet-based applications contained in gadgets, gatget is a mobile phone that has the ability to exceed the phone in ancient times, in which there are features such as the internet, cameras, radios and so on to make it easy for users, on average young people today have known gatget, and this is where the public's attention, not a positive impact, but because many young people forget their duties, every day they are more focused gatget each of them and engrossed in surfing in cyberspace so as to make a figure of individualism, although the tank is also a little gatget benefits that have been felt by many people such as, making it easy to find information, get a lot of relationships with long distances, sources of knowledge and so on but that's the reality today, Though many expectations are placed on gener young people to advance the nation, to build a nation of high integrity, there needs to be cooperation or collaboration for young people to create a prosperous nation because youths actually have 3 mandates that must be carried out, that is, replacing the elderly to continue the nation's struggle, building innovations who advance the nation in the world glass, and actively move to change any imbalances that occur in the nation.

Youth is a figure that is always hailed to bring changes to the nation because youth are synonymous with active, dynamic and progressive, although they do not necessarily have mature experience. Speaking about the change of the nation, indeed the youth said was one of the figures who contributed greatly to the independence of the Indonesian people, in fact this success was not from the existence of the youth but there was an integrity that was established among them, the integrity that was built by these young people was able to lift Indonesia from colonialism.

Remembering a few years ago, to be exact on October 28, 1928, Indonesian youths showed their integrity and the spirit of unity despite their inherent ethnicity, the youths from Ambon Ambon jong Java, Sumatra jong, dang jong-jong together shoulder to shoulder to release Indonesia from the occupation.

After examining the actual progress or setbacks of a nation can be seen from the leader with the level of integrity, if a leader has high integrity then guaranteed no more cases such as corruption, misappropriation of public performance, and economic politics, in contrast to leaders with low integrity then events like corruption, the price of basic necessities soaring and the cry of the poor people will often surface the nation's life, because leaders with low integrity tend to make many deviations with the power they have, they seem blind and deaf to the suffering of the people whose welfare has not been fulfilled, not only that , even worse in this day even young leaders who lose a lot when giving high power, even though when they become students they shout about justice, public abuse, welfare distribution and so forth, but when they enter the circle power, all their shouting was just bullshit.

Then how to form a generation of young people who have high integrity to change the good civilization of the nation and be able to advance the nation's baton? The answer is that with honesty, honesty is the main milestone for integrity, with honesty then the truth is always spread, because integrity needs to harmonize words and deeds, so it is very important to foster honesty starting as early as possible, especially through family, then supported by Education that is lived like a school or university, then from daily walks in the community, this is one of giving birth to a generation of young people of high integrity, convinced that if young people have strong integrity then they will be able to form a generation that has capable capabilities to bring the nation's progress, William Clement Stone say "Dare to say no, dare to face the truth, do what is right because it is right, this is the magic key to living life with integrity".

At the time of the Prophet, his leadership was very worthy of being used as an example of the foundation of building a nation, he had high integrity for the people he led with his character which was just, honest, wise and decisive in every situation, one of the justice he had shown was when the incidents were held. Hajar Aswad, at that time many of the Quraysh tribes who wanted to place the Hajar Aswad, they scrambled and shouted for the position, so there was one figure who suggested that the Prophet Muhammad put Hajar Aswad in his place, in addition to being believed The Prophet Muhammad was known for being an honest socialist so that many people who idolized him, the Prophet Muhammad also agreed to put the beating aswad by carrying a piece of cloth, then the chiefs of the tribe were told by an intimate prophet to hold the edge of the fabric in the middle of which there was a beating beat to be brought together. into place, all the tribes cheered he thought of the ideas and solutions provided by the prophet so that no disputes occurred between the tribes, that is one proof of the integrity of the leader that needs to be published to the leaders of this age.

In the future Indonesia is in dire need of leaders with high and strong levels of integrity so as to be able to produce new innovations for the country and make Indonesia a Tough and able to compete with other countries. For youth, your real work and contributions are always welcome. Arisa Savina