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Become a useful and productive millennial

What are millennials? Nowadays many people refer to it as millennial generation. Well, millennial means that the younger generation is aged around 17-37 years. millennials are special because they have a big difference compared to previous generations, especially in terms of technology. millennials have their own characteristics, they are born when TV is colored, cellphones are increasingly sophisticated, and internet facilities are increasingly sophisticated, so it is not surprising that millennials are now very clever in technology. Millennials today are also increasingly creative, inspiring and innovative in facing the challenges or problems of the times. But also as millennials, they must have high ideals in the sense of not being easily insecure about our future goals, magnifying our dreams, and not forgetting, accompanied by great effort and praying as much as possible.
Become a useful and productive millennial

There are several things that are often hidden from millennial generation, including; Millennial generation is considered to tend to not care about the social conditions around them, such as the political world or political-economic developments that occur in this nation. Most of the millennial generation only care and boast a free lifestyle and hedonism, which spends more time in cafes and coffee shops, just to play online games, show off new cellphones, new clothes and the luxury that is in him. Is that right? Does the millennial generation really not have a strong social concern, really do not have a concern for the political economy situation in this country? I think not, there is something interesting about millennial generation, that the development of technology, and super sophisticated machines, millennial generation can not only talk about new bags, new cellphones, new clothes, new games, new applications, new hangouts, will but the millennial generation simultaneously talks about popular issues, political developments, which exist in this nation. Of course, we must appreciate this, and we must always be optimistic, that not all and not merely millennial generations turn a blind eye to the socio-economic-political problems that occur.

The flow of modernization is inevitable, change and progress continue to occur. With that, I think the problem now is not about them hanging out where, spoiled with what facilities with whom they play? But does all that make them not care about the environment and the surrounding community? The fact is no, they still have great concern, and still want to talk about people's problems. Indeed, not all of us can just accept such circumstances, not everyone is accustomed to discussing coffee shops, luxury places, etc., but are there among us who can be free from the progress of the times? Are there among us who are completely untouched by technological sophistication? I think the answer is no, because after all we live with the changing times, so inevitably we have to follow it if not yes we can get behind the times, but it's good if we follow the development of this era by becoming a millennial generation that is useful for ourselves myself and others around us.

If then, among us there are those who argue that the discussion in the coffee shop, seems to keep the popular issue away from the campus environment, I think there is a point too, especially in reality that many of the participants in the cafes and coffee shops are student activists, and the elite group mediates and above.

For this reason, we hope that the tradition of discussion in millennial coffee shops can also find its social location, and that coffee shops are not just routine and life style, but also involved in many socio-political changes in this country, can modify millennial generation to carry out a revolution in this country. .

The current era of digitization certainly creates opportunities and challenges. The opportunity is how millennial generation can provide the maximum benefit in shaping human civilization. The challenge is that this digitalisation era will also be a gap for a group of people who do bad things. For example the rise of fraud using electronic means, such as breaking into banks. There is also online gambling, online prostitution, hoax news and imaging, etc. Millennial generation must be well prepared. Do not be a victim of such deviant behavior, let alone be a deviant offender in this country.

Millennial generation in this digitalization era should play a role in goodness with the capabilities they have. Millennials, both senior and junior, should have a strong spirit in upholding justice and preventing evil, of course, in smart and wise ways. For example creating anti-pornography devices, anti-online gambling, anti-virus, etc. Or create applications that help facilitate activities such as prayer times, digital hadiths, etc. Prepare millennial generation according to the era. We are used to gadgets that are increasingly developing. So we must be careful to play in the world of social media, before spreading the news or other things we have to really correct beforehand whether the news really exists or just a hoax, don't be mistaken in using social media for things that are not right.
Millennials generation has a lot of business opportunities, one in the fields of using social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and others to open business opportunities. Examples of work that can be applied on social media are social media management, content creators such as creating a youtube channel, creating vlogs that contain positive content and if it can provide benefits to people who see it, content writers are like creating positive personal blogs so can be read by many people and online shop which is now lived by young millennials. The familiarity of the millennials with technology, makes them innovate to make applications that are useful for the community. This application is also diverse. For example, applications that make it easy for you to drive are Go-jek, Grab, Uber, and other applications. Isn't this transportation-related application very easy for your activities? In addition, of course there are still many other applications that are very useful for people's lives in Indonesia. You can find out more in Playstore, not only foreign products made by the nation's children are already widely available in Playstore.

Education is not only able to change the quality of life, but with education one can also get broad insights and useful knowledge that can be used for useful things. Of course, there is a difference between people who have sat in education and people who do not feel it at all. However, people who do not go to formal school does not mean they are not smart you know, because now access to knowledge on the internet is very easy to reach even if you don't have any formal education. What is clear, education for the millennial generation is very important. Everyone is competing to increase knowledge and skills in the field of education to become successful people in the future.

In this digital age, millennials must surely be demanded to be more creative and productive with ideas and must increase references so as not to be left behind by technological advancements that are developing in this nation. High creativity is highly demanded. As millennials, we must be able to create new ideas. An idea that can be useful for many people. If we are not creative, we will lose out with those out there who are more creative than us. We can find many good ideas by reading books, watching news, or watching YouTube.

Therefore, we, as millennial generation as well as the next generation of this nation, must be able to be useful and productive for ourselves and others around us, we must make the best use of existing facilities and also look after them.