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Korean Fever in Indonesia

Along with the development of increasingly modern times, the entry of outside culture affects people's lifestyles, especially teenagers. One of them is South Korea various types of things that smell of South Korea enter our country, a country that is very popular with its music, drama, fashion, culinary, and culture. At the moment, kpop is more popular, kpop itself is a popular Korean culture whose music is very well known and the visual singer is very popular with teenagers.
Korean Fever in Indonesia

The phenomenon of Korean fever is growing rapidly. Many people are interested in watching Korean dramas, listening to k-pop music, eating Korean special food, and learning to speak Korean or Hangul. Korean culture is mushrooming, even shifting quite a lot of other buadaya, such as western and Japanese culture or jpop who also have infected the world's youth. Of course this right has many impacts on the mental formation of Indonesian youth. Teenagers seem to lose their true identity and forget their own culture. This has motivated us to discuss the trends of world youth, especially Indonesian teenagers in Korea, which cause Korean fever.

All have their own opinions by looking at any angle, there are positive or negative impacts for Indonesian youth, but it depends on ourselves, we also have the right to like something but liking something does not have to be excessive, fond of something is perfectly natural with other words don't overdo it. The negative impact for those who like their Korean tend to be extravagant and free, wasteful like buying things from what is popular or watching Korean artists' concerts, Korean fans also sometimes do not comply with the nation's behavior because they too want to follow the lifestyle of their idols. After knowing the impact does not mean we have to throw away culture from the country of ginseng and also does not mean we should not like the culture.

However, it would be nice for us to be able to sort out what we should take and which we should not take. Of course, not everything that is kpop is bad. We also recommend that we know the background of our role model or idol. But, again we must remain more nationalistic by loving local culture more. But actually there is a positive side, as I think the first because I myself like kpop I always motivated their hard work until they succeed, it turns out success starts from failure and how we rise, the second Korean artists who are very polite they are famous for politeness who always respect by bowing 90 degrees, the third Korean discipline that is very different from the Indonesian people, the fourth kpop change everything like many people who like kpop used to be a quiet and difficult to mingle many of those who say that their idols have taught something, they become easy to get along with a lot of friends in a cycle between kpop fans which makes them open, with this positive impact many of them are motivated.

From this side we should make an example. By limiting yourself. Many children today are so idolized that they are too excessive, so that there are people who glorify the idol. As students, especially as young people, we really should be more selective and filter the culture that enters Indonesia. Not only Korean culture, but also foreign cultures such as Western culture, Indian culture or Japan. And what are the impacts that will be given also we must filter to apply to ourselves. Take the negative side as a lesson and a picture for us to be able to keep it away, and also vice versa take the positive side for us to make a good example for ourselves. There are no restrictions on liking kpop, kdrama or the like, but don't also idolize them too fanatically. From the other side we also know that not all KPop contains negative content and therefore we must be able to sort it out. Also make positive things as motivation and reference so that the young generation of Indonesia will go forward and be able to compete with KPop in the future.

However, with the rise of kpop many people commented poorly underestimated, as kpop fans have felt down because other people and even their own friends speak ill of our opinions to follow things all Korean, many people who always think negatively about this hobby, whether we can't have the right to like, even though it's not all negative. In my opinion we also have to judge ourselves, being mature about how we comment without reducing respect, about us who can respect others more, because we never know, sometimes the things we look at under the eyes, turn out to be very very valuable for others.

The entry of Korean fever in this country, we must filter the incoming culture. Take what is good and discard what is bad. Indonesian teenagers may be allowed to follow kpop culture, but remember not to be made a cultural priority. Make it as entertainment. Always be open-minded to take all the positive sides and keep away the negative sides that exist. So the wise, may like but must know the limits of attitude that we do, do not leave the duties and obligations and remain a person who embraces Indonesian culture. Keep being yourself. Alfi Zahronia Firdaus