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The beauty of Gili Labak Island

Among the many beauty attractions in the province of East Java, there is a small uninhabited island at the end of the island of Madura with a view that is no less beautiful. Gili Labak Island, known as a hidden paradise for travelers, is located in Sumenep Regency. Although small in size, the island is able to spoil your eyes and clear your mood for anyone who comes to visit.
The beauty of Gili Labak Island

During the year-end holiday, I and 7 of my friends went on vacation to Gili Labak Island. To go to the island, tourists need to rent a boat with a capacity of approximately 15 people at a cost of 600 thousand rupiah per boat to go and go home. To get snorkeling facilities in the middle of the sea, you need to add a fee of 150 thousand rupiah. The boat trip is taken from Kalianget harbor to Gili Labak Island, which takes 2-3 hours. While waiting for the destination, tourists can see the other mini uninhabited islands and take pictures on a boat with a view of the vast expanse of sea water. As we approached the mainland of the island, we were greeted with a view of the rock which was clearly visible from its crystal clear waters. The closer to the mainland, the more visible coral reefs and white sand scenery that surrounds the island.

Arriving on the mainland of Gili Labak Island, tourists' eyes are spoiled by the crystal clear sea water which makes the boats seem to float above the coral reef. Not to forget, tourists do a photo ritual with beautiful natural scenery to share on their social media later. Tourists often come on weekends so that on normal days, the island is deserted and we can feel the atmosphere of a vacation on a private island.

On the island of Gili Labak, tourists can swim on the beach, take pictures at the provided photo spots, play sand, even surround the island by walking for 1-2 hours. On this island there is no fresh water so if you want to clean yourself, tourists need to bring their own water or buy it in the existing stalls. Understandably, because the island is uninhabited so the existing facilities are inadequate even the bathrooms look poorly maintained. In addition, there are not many food stalls on this island because sellers have to cross-border every day to sell at this island. They usually sell food and drinks, as well as fresh water for bathing.

At 13.00 West Indonesia Time, visitors must leave the island immediately, because they are worried when the journey home the sky gets darker and the lack of lighting makes it difficult for boats to find a way. When going back home, tourists are taken a little to the middle of the sea to snorkel with the facilities provided. In addition, tourists can also see views of dolphins who are busy jumping to the surface of the water. Once satisfied, the boat takes tourists back to the port and ends their beautiful journey.