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Family Education Perspectives Regarding Online Learning

During the pandemic as it is currently happening all learning activities at school up to learning activities at the lecture level are carried out online. These things will certainly support disruption, where everything has been replaced by technology. Yes, the existence of the pandemic caused by covid 19 forced all learning activities to be replaced by online learning.
Family Education Perspectives Regarding Online Learning

Students or students who are the subject of learning in class tenyunya also many who complain about the unpreparedness to do online learning activities. Not all students or students live in areas that have good networks to access the internet. Many of them live in areas with low signal levels, so they find it very difficult to carry out teaching and learning activities carried out online. Not just a matter of signal, students and students are also required to have an internet quota in order to participate in teaching and learning activities while the current quota prices are increasingly rising. These things certainly become a very reasonable reason to be used by students or students complaining about teaching and learning activities carried out online.

Talking about sharing perspectives, the first from the perspective of lecturers and teachers. In conditions that are currently very poor, of course, lecturers and teachers will also always try to make students and students still be able to participate in learning activities properly. In addition, lecturers and teachers will also think carefully about what they have to do, how the procedures must be carried out, as well as how to keep lectures and school learning running smoothly even though it is done online or online.

The second is from the perspective of students and students. Some lecturers and teachers often only think about how lectures can go on without thinking about how students or students are able to carry out lectures or learning with the system they created. Not only that, there are also many teachers and lecturers who never stop to give assignments to students and students. It will also burden students and students a lot, because the subjects and courses they get are not just one, and none of them are free from assignments. Wouldn't that actually interfere with the health of students and students?

From both sides both teachers and lecturers or students and students certainly have the right to complain because they are equally right when viewed from their respective perspectives. At times like this everyone is trying to give their best and try to run very well too. Keep praying and just make an effort that we all, the educational families will still be protected and kept away from various diseases so that they can continue to elevate education in this country. Fanny Halun Nafi'ah