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The Role of Information Technology in the Covid-19 Pandemic Period

The development of Information Technology in life is increasingly important because in today's era becoming more modern, many have used information technology. Even to the point of dependence in its use such as Android, laptops or others. the development of information technology has been increasingly sophisticated and has a positive impact, one of which is in inhibiting the spread of Corona virus.
The Role of Information Technology in the Covid-19 Pandemic Period

Now in Indonesia, during the Pademi Covid-19 period, it is recommended that physical distancing, ie keeping a distance, all activities involving face-to-face be stopped immediately. With the application of interaction restrictions, people will be more dependent on technology such as smartphones. Daily activities, entertainment, social relationships, teaching and learning system to the needs can be easily accessed via a smartphone. The role of technology in the Covid-19 Pandemic period is as follows:

1. Can find out the spread of Covid-19
Tracking Patients infected with Covid-19, now there is a website that can track patients affected by Covid in any area, so in addition to news through television, you can also see it from a smartphone. With this website or application it is very helpful because it is easy to reach, we just need to activate cellular data on Smartpohe.

2. Overcoming Boredom
Providing comfort, with the government's suggestion that recommends physical distancing makes many people get bored by the existence of Informassi technology, it is recommended for cooking tutorials, YouTube or movie tutorials, to be more creative, or even to be able to play online games that get a lot of fun too applications that are provided so that we do not feel bored when at home.

3. Facilitate socializing
Make it easy for us to socialize, even though previously we have been socializing online but because of the suggestion to keep our distance so socializing online that we do feels like it's different from the usual all of them are more pronounced. there are even applications that can be used to meet face to face with a large number of people. Even though we are physically distancing, we can still socialize with people around us online so that we don't get bored.

4. Facilitate online learning
With the existence of information technology makes it easier in the online learning process. can still do teaching and learning activities even without face to face, many applications have been supported and made it easier in the online learning process. But besides that there are also obstacles such as signals, because not all the signal areas are smooth. in areas such as remote areas and mountains the signal is difficult to obtain so it can hamper the learning process.

Such is the role of Technology especially in the Covid-19 Pandemic mass, by utilizing existing technology, it has helped to cut the spread of the corona virus because it does not leave the House. Then take advantage of technology and use it as well as possible so as not to harm many others. Isna Nurul Azizah