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Togetherness vs. Egoism

Being together is not just our physical presence in everything we will do with the people around us, together is not just about a group of people with a specific purpose. However, together is when the body and soul can feel the comfort and peace of togetherness between individuals.
Togetherness vs. Egoism

Every hour, minute or even every second will feel more beautiful if we can pass it with the people around us, especially loved ones. A beautiful togetherness certainly will not necessarily happen without the existence of something we try and do.

I deliberately raise this title in this paper, because as reality is certainly often the case with each individual, that there is togetherness that seems to be inseparable from the existence of selfish attitude in the individual. and this situation is what I often encounter in life.

There are many things that must be at stake in life, from various factors, be it conditions, situations, even risking something for people around us. Because we live as social beings who will certainly depend on others. Therefore, there are times when we are required to risk our desires for the happiness and smiles of the people around us, and for creating a togetherness that is so valuable.

Thus, togetherness without sacrificing our own selfishness will damage the essence of togetherness itself or even that togetherness will be impossible.

Always together and embracing togetherness with the people around us, we are definitely coveted and hoped for in this life. Burying deeply into the selfish nature that always struggles asking to uphold yourself, it will feel very valuable. Because what needs to be cut down is selfishness and hatred, and what needs to be knitted is solidarity and caring, that is one of the wise words of great women today namely, Najwa Shihab that I always remember when that selfishness began to overwhelm me

In togetherness there are many things we can get and feel, togetherness without the selfishness of each individual in it will create a bond of brotherhood, solidity and cohesiveness that is so strong.

If we regard selfishness as the nature of freeing ourselves, then that is a very primitive perspective. We are not able to understand the substance of the nature of egoism itself. Because in reality selfishness is a form of inability to love ourselves. And if we allow that selfishness to grow in us, then we have no love for ourselves.

Often individuals sacrifice everything for the sake of happiness together, risking their wishes for a smile from the people around them. That's all we will do to get happiness and togetherness.

Knitting together is not an easy thing, like turning your palms together. Because in togetherness there is an effort from each individual that is so extraordinary. Fighting one's selfishness is not easy, there must be a feeling of spaciousness in the heart, an awareness that egoism is not a quality that reigns in the body and soul of individuals, but subverting the nature of selfishness will make us enthroned by feeling the beauty of togetherness.

In the current millennial era, togetherness may no longer be a beautiful event for the majority of the younger generation. They are more concerned with their own selfishness, upholding their own independence, and being stupid about what is happening around them.

However, all that will not happen to us, if we can maintain the principles of togetherness in the purpose of our lives. Together and dependence is a natural law that has been outlined by the Creator to us as social beings. So that we as creatures must be able to create togetherness and dependence into a meaningful natural law.

Creating togetherness in the midst of differences, is also not as easy as we think, whether the difference is from the individual background or the character of each individual itself. Therefore, there must be a nature of mutual understanding between individuals and tolerance, so that it can unite the differences that exist in a meaningful togetherness.

When togetherness is created beautifully, then we must be able to maintain it in a beautiful way too. One of them is to throw away the nature of selfishness in self, because as the title in this paper selfishness is an enemy of togetherness. While egoism itself is a trait that must be possessed by every individual who plays a role in the creation of togetherness. So there will be a strong barrier in the individual himself. How can we maintain the togetherness created by resisting and putting aside our selfishness which may always struggle and demand to be fulfilled.

Therefore, wherever and with anyone, we must be able to maintain the essence of togetherness itself, burying deeply our selfishness in order to create beautiful togetherness with people around us, it will be more meaningful in this mortal life. Nafisatul Aliya