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How are the generations of the nation?

We need to know that the moral damage to the nation is increasing every day. Youth today no longer recognize obligations. Only know the rights that deviate and also wrestle in the fun alone. Such as the rise of victims of violence, rape, sexual harassment, molestation, bullying, outbreaks of students in the sparkling of drugs and the number of workers who are underage.
How are the generations of the nation?

Not infrequently the role of parents who have the heart to kill their own children, and we've also seen cases of bullying of school teachers against their students. Do not think, the picture of "killing children" in the modern era is not interpreted as usual. Employing children, utilizing children's beauty as an adult magazine cover, selling children's honor, enslaving children like servants, educating children with heretical upbringing and also the heart to kill their own children. Realizing that this will turn off the character of children who should not be like that.

Peanuts are not left flat, that's the way Java people quibble or mumble, or in Indonesian terms we know it as "fruit does not fall from the tree". From the behavior of parents. Because in the child must be inherited by the nature of the nature of both parents, both a lot or just a little. Therefore, we as parents must give or give good teachings and be useful for children, so that children can give good morals to society in the future.

Often the media reports that cases of abortion, abandoned babies whose instincts of the parents, even though God has said "The child should get transfer of breast milk (breast milk) for 2 full years (حو لين كاملين). Moreover, in this Era providing exclusive breastfeeding for two full months is highly recommended by doctors. With hope, the child will grow smart along with the increasing intake of nutritional milk that instills a spirit of virtue and a spirit of kindness in the child.

Therefore, education from the family is very important for children's lives. Either in physical terms or in spiritual terms. Who else is reluctant to have children with a brilliant track record? Of course all of that can be achieved by applying examples of attitudes from parents in terms of their families, so that children can see that the child is a reflection of his father or mother.

Indonesia needs a battering ram by the nation's youth and the successor to the nation's development. Our youth is still long. A hope and ideals we are still on the verge of dreaming. There are still many opportunities for us to be able to change the situation of Indonesia into a civilized country with a truly civilized country, a country that excels because of the mindset of the Indonesian citizens which is very meaningful in the future.

It can be concluded that we started from family education as initial milestones and seeds that will flourish, through elementary school years so that fertilizer from seeds will be of high quality, and can be passed through to college. Cultivate in ourselves that ethics, norms of decency and a sense of caring for this country, then accept the real generation. A generation that is ready to uphold the good name of the Indonesian people. And give birth to new generations who have been willing to continue the struggle of our nation's ancestors.

As time goes by, these ethics and norms of politeness begin to fade by themselves slowly in the scope of the surrounding environment or in the scope of education. Such as when passing in front of a teacher or an older person with pleasure, speak harshly or in a high tone, interrupting during the conversation, reduced saying excuse me, sorry, asking for help, and thank you when communicating or when asking for help. With that, make it a habit to say excuse me, sorry, ask for help, and thank you to your fellow human beings not only in terms of asking for help, but in everything.

In the development of the Globalization Era as it is today, let us together to face challenges in this Globalization Era which lies or refers to Education. To realize an education that is really needed as the role of the figure of educators who have high competence so as to be able to set a good example for other students.

In recent years, the quality of young people of this nation is increasingly declining. Young people are the next generation of the nation who don't want to be taken to where this nation is. Today's young people are no longer active in producing the best works, now the nation's successor is very addicted or busy with its online games, and is busy thinking about the Maya world. They prefer to sit for hours just to surf the Maya world than to read textbooks. Maybe the current Indonesian government still does not see a threat to the next generation of this nation, what happens if the successor of this nation is complacent and seems happy with the instant?

The perspective of this nation considers the next generation of this nation is nothing and considers it very trivial for the easy generation. The Indonesian state is too focused on the older generation who already have high positions, so our culture tends to make our children more easily "spoiled" and lack a sense of independence.

The next generation of this nation might not be able to fix all the problems that are affecting this nation. Not that we are silent and wait for the change to occur. Our task is to make such a way so that our descendants can one day say that the next generation of this nation can easily control its vision and mission, so that this nation will become even better.

Teach young people the successor of this nation by investing when buying goods products both outside and inside, do not push to buy goods that should not have been bought or just according to lust, but teach children to save money in the sense of not wasting money just to buy unneeded items, use your money to help the needy.

The most basic and simplest things can be used as a way to overcome the character and ethics of the nation's next generation, by getting used to doing 5S culture. What is 5S? 5S is "Smile, Greetings, Greetings, Polite and Courteous" in every communication between fellow people both in the community or school environment.

It is indeed very simple, but it is very influential in building children's character in a communication. 5S culture is a must that must be determined or applied by all parties when we communicate or interact, this shows very good behavior when starting a communication. Therefore, teach children from an early age to familiarize 5S culture so that they will get used when they become young men.
Aside from getting used to the 5S culture, life style is very influential in life. How to dress young people today tend to imitate the style of western clothing. As we know the western style of dress that is very open, does not show his politeness and deviate from morals, especially among these women is very inviting the opposite sex to commit pornographic acts. But they do not want to be blamed for these actions, instead they blame the men who have looked at the woman's body.

Indonesia needs future generations of people who are brave, loyal, responsible and polite to others. Indonesia needs young people who are not just bullshit, but youth who can hold the mandate of every word that comes out of his mouth.

Therefore, we as young people of the Indonesian nation, let's look back at ourselves. Are we appropriate to become the next generation of young people? Will we be the next generation of young people? Who are we to become the next generation of young people? As we die, we build a personality in us, customary or appropriate to be the next generation of young people. We start from the smallest things, such as taking responsibility for doing daily work so that we are accustomed to building other people's trust in ourselves.

The fate of the Indonesian people in the future is in their hands. Will this nation be more advanced or even vice versa? All that is determined by the young generation of the nation's next generation.
"We are not yet living in the full moonlight, but we are still living in the transition period, keep the eagle eager." (Bung Tomo).