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Environment and Humans

We can know now that the rainy season around yesterday when West Indonesia in the area of ​​West Java, there was a flood and a tornado that inundated hundreds of residents 'houses that flooded and soon followed by a tornado that had hit residents' houses and the surrounding area due to rainy season that continues to flush the region.
Environment and Humans

In this case the rainfall is getting heavier and is followed by a very strong whirlwind is estimated to take casualties along with houses and trees around the road that collapsed due to a very strong tornado yesterday, it is estimated that the victims reached 300 more people who are not saved and 200 people were injured, at that time the person was doing activities that were so dense that they did not have time to save themselves or anything else.

It would be nice if it happens like this we must be more careful or more or less we must be prepared to save ourselves in any condition so that we can protect ourselves from danger
It is possible that the victims who were rescued were evacuated in a remote and strategic area so that the flood did not take more victims and so the residents did not feel scared at any time such as during sleep or work.

When the team succeeded in tracing it was estimated that 100 unsaved people had been detected that the dead were caused by tornadoes or even the floods were very heavy with very high rainfall.
The success team also immediately coordinated with the whole team to evaluate and explore the place or area by deploying troops so that they could find a person who had not been saved so that the family was not too worried and sad. In this situation the team made a late search until late at night until there were usually a number of victims found on the periphery or stranded in several places.
Based on the estimated estimated losses due to floods and whirlwinds this reached a total of Rp. 55,220,500,000, which is estimated to be in addition to the 2,493 hectares of paddy residents' houses and a number of ponds and buildings damaged by a tornado yesterday, losses for rice fields and ponds estimated at Rp. 4.8 billion. Floods and whirlwinds have affected the roads in the region with a loss of Rp 12.9 billion.

It is also estimated that schools affected by floods and tornadoes cause a number of school facilities and infrastructure to be damaged by floods and tornadoes, such as books, classrooms, laptops, infocus, printers, cabinets, and furniture.
Approximately the total loss achieved was Rp 2.1 billion and then the damage at the village level was estimated at Rp 1.1 billion.

Approximately the residents thought that the flood also occurred due to the blockage of the Cikaranggelam chiffon, as well as the garbage that was scattered in the residents' gutters as a result of being blocked and there was a sudden flood and followed by a tornado.

The beginning of the flood tells, initially the rain fell heavily to make the water discharge in the rivers increase and is also very heavy. The swift flow of the river made the east bank's embankment collapse.

If the floods also soak people's homes because the floods have not subsided and successive rains have flushed the area so that the water is too long to recede.
It is estimated that until the region has not yet been resolved the local governments decided for residents not to approach the temporary area so that undesirable things don't happen.

Until the seriousness of the execution team until during the flood struck until it was estimated that three days the teams and their staff were investigating so that the undiscovered residents would soon be found dead because of the flood and the nipple might come suddenly so the residents were not ready to escape and stuck in the region and not saved.

It is also estimated that residents who fled in other areas get help from the central Jakarta government or get help from neighbors of other cities of any variety including food needs that are very important in every day by waiting for areas that are still flooded.

Until it has been three days the flood finally receded but on the other hand it was estimated that the damage in the area was very severe because as the rain hit and in the end the flood also attacked, on the other hand along with a whirlwind that came suddenly very severe damage exist where -where.
The current settlement is very far from the location affected by flooding due to flood or whirlwind feared residents will come again or worse than this first, while the children of elementary school or junior high school, high school is currently closed day first because the schools or buildings were very badly damaged.

If the flood does not occur then humans will have no sense of concern or feeling guilty.
With this occurrence people feel sad or feel guilty because the floods occur because of human activity because of lack of adaptation to the environment. As a result, heavy rain flushed with a whirlwind that floods occur where humans are less ready to respond to trivial matters like this finally because of the rubbish that less attention resulting from floods that are so deep that the water recedes that it is very difficult to have to wait for days.

In this case we have to take lessons because we humans are less caring for our own affected environment, loss after loss for more and more children who actually have to go to school now must be closed.

Which in this case we have to take care of each other's environment, preserve the environment, love the environment by throwing garbage in its place, cleaning dirty places to avoid disease, maintaining cleanliness and so on.