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Land of Heaven

The term heaven is indeed worthy of bearing by Indonesia with all its fertile soil conditions. As in the milk pond song "Wooden sticks and help become plants", if it were not so fertile Indonesian soil a wooden stick would not be as easy as it became a plant. Even Indonesia has thousands of types of flora which indicate that our land is really fertile.
Land of Heaven

Not only about fertile land but Indonesia also has a vast ocean. Even Indonesia's territory is mostly ocean. In a piece of milk pond song lyrics "Not just the ocean of the pool of milk", the ocean that we have like a refreshing source pool of milk. The vast expanse of the Indonesian sea is a source of life for Indonesian people.

In the lyrics "There is no hurricane, no typhoons you meet, fish and shrimp come to you" illustrates how abundant Indonesia's marine wealth. The fishermen only use hooks and nets to find a source of life. They sailed for months to see storms and typhoons.

Our heavenly land not only presents fertile land with thousands of species of flora and vast seas that are rich in fish and shrimp but our heavenly land also has exotic, fertile and cool high mountains. Expanse of plateaus that offers cool and calm. Indonesia's natural resources are truly promising, but it depends on how wise human resources are to process, maintain, and utilize them.

Reviewing the colonial period, why did western nations colonize our country Indonesia? Because they are interested in our natural resources, our various kinds of spices. Because it is rich in spices, the culinary specialties of our country are famous for their spice flavor. Our country Indonesia is also claimed to be one of the lungs of the world. The stretch of our forest plays a major role in the breathing of the world. What happens if our forests are continually deforested without reforestation? How would the world without our forests be?

Lining the islands, continued to connect into one that is Indonesia. Our country is vast with thousands of islands separated by vast expanses of sea. Our country is rich in thousands of flora and fauna. Our country also presents natural beauty that is rarely found in other countries, many tourist destinations in our country are able to attract foreign tourists.

The fertile land of this country is able to make Indonesia famous with its export rice, with its tobacco exports, with its oil and gas exports, with its coal, with its wooden handicraft exports and much more. Fertile plantation and agriculture sector, palm oil processing, sugar cane processing and palm sugar. Especially when talking about natural resources in Papua, the establishment of a freeport company in Papua has found natural resources in the form of copper, silver and gold.

From our 34 provinces our country has different flora and fauna, and has become a separate icon for each province. On the island of Java our country has Javanese eagle fauna, one-horned rhino, Javanese tiger, deer. On the island of Bali we have Bali starlings, partridges and many more. While in Kalimantan, our country has bekantan monkeys, sun bears, orangutans, and many more. Not to mention the fauna that is spread in the eastern part of Indonesia.

Even Indonesia is also dubbed the equatorial emerald, not because the territory of Indonesia is crossed by the equator. But seen from the sky in Indonesia with its island clusters appear green and soothing the eyes of the viewer. From the green islands also indicates how fertile Indonesian paradise land.

Besides being rich in flora and fauna we are also rich in customs and culture. Even Indonesia is a cultural country. With a diverse culture in each of its regions, Indonesia also has a variety of traditions that are still preserved today. Customs are created from the habits of the surrounding community. Examples of customs in East Java are the earth's alms that are still preserved until now and many more. Our country is also rich in regional languages. The richness of language can be interpreted as a long process of a nation's history. Indonesia has around hundreds more languages. In one district, there can be dozens of different languages. But still Indonesian is our unifying language.

For Indonesian citizens who are still asking questions about what is the wealth of our country? Now many private television stations in our country have made programs to explore the riches that exist in our country. Explore the variety of customs and culture, the existing culinary variety, the variety of languages, the variety of crafts in each region, and also the variety of tours that offer all its beauty.

Moreover, sea tourism, Indonesia has a beautiful sea sea. As Raja Ampat island, there is a lot of beauty that is presented especially for divers. As good Indonesian citizens, we must also help preserve the wealth of existing natural resources. Explore the wealth of Indonesia through social media Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. And keep adding insights about the development of natural resources in Indonesia. Thank God for all the gifts you have given to this country of Indonesia, a country that has billions of wealth. The land of Indonesia is HEAVENLY LAND. Yuyun Fitrianti