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International Women's Day

Women are lives for the world. Women are the future of life. Every basic thing in life needs a woman. His smile is a refresher, his love is a support, and his love is an amplifier. The presence of women gives a beautiful color to the world. The woman is a magical creature, she can know where things are at home. He is also able to do many things at one time. The world will stop spinning without women.
International Women's Day

It is a must for the world to appreciate the role of women. International women's day is a form of appreciation for all women in the world. Thanks to the day of women all the rights of women who previously died are now growing again. There is no gender discrimination in terms of education, employment or anything else. Women's rights are also protected by the state. Now the gap between women and men has disappeared. Women are no less great than men.

Great women are not only those who have high positions, not only those who appear in front of television. Great women are those who are able to balance their duties and obligations. This is not easy, men can't even do it. Of course the greatness of women is indeed very important to celebrate.

International women's day is celebrated on March 8 every year. World Women's’s Day is an event for women around the world to voice their opinions. What they feel can be expressed and known by all humans in the world. So that what they hope for the good of women can be supported and carried out. But the existence of international women's day does not promise women to do the things they want safely.

The rights of women who used to die are now revived. It's just that women still need to continue to voice their rights. Although their rights are protected, threats still continue. As we can see, cases of sexual harassment have not stopped. The oppression of women by men no doubt makes women not independent. Employing pregnant women is a form of exploiting inhuman women.

They say women's rights are protected, but there is still a lot of oppression here and there. The woman who demonstrated was kidnapped and then killed. Women who are dressed as sexy have no pride. Women who take cassava in their own children's gardens are given jail sentences. The public also always assesses women with physical appearance or commonly known as body shaming. Where this of course makes women experience psychological disorders. He became insecure, afraid of being cursed, and did not dare express himself. The situation that occurs in this society is very detrimental to women. The existence of International Women's Day aims to make women's rights no longer oppressed and they dare to be confident and not afraid to express themselves.

As a woman, even though her rights have been protected does not mean freedom of expression is the reason in every action. Mistakes in the mindset that gender equality, human rights, and freedom to voice this opinion need attention. Because many women think things that men can do can also be done by women.

We see a lot of actions taken by women to claim their rights to be able to do things done by men as well. For example, topless for women because men are not a problem if they are naked in public, women smoke and drink.

Of course the thinking is wrong. How can a woman be bare-breasted in public. Women have different body anatomy from men, which cannot be displayed in public just like that, and even must be guarded and protected from criminal acts for the rights of the woman herself. In the point of view of religion, both Islam and any religion is strictly prohibited. Women have the honor that must be guarded once, one way is to close the part that arises the interests of the opposite sex.

Regarding smoking and drinking, in fact both men and women are prohibited from consuming them. It's just that women have a greater risk than men. Smoking and drinking will damage a woman's internal organs, reproductive system and can reduce fetal disease.

International Women's Day referred to here is about freedom of expression without violating applicable norms. Women who express fresh thoughts that build and inspire, women who are good at taking care of themselves, and women who dare to build change for the common good.

Although gender equality is in force, women must still be privileged. For example in public facilities such as the KRL (Electric Train) which categorizes pregnant women and non-pregnant women into special groups that must be seated. In martial arts competitions, men are also not allowed to fight women because their abilities are not comparable. Which shows that the so-called gender equality between men and women is not the same in all fields. However, it remains on the corridors and capabilities of each gender.

Women also should not be silent when their rights are not given. Always be alert when alone or in a public place. Having the knowledge to guard against acts of harassment, oppression, violence, and so forth. International Women's Day can again elevate the degree, respect and rights of women in the world. Zuha Prisma Salsabila