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Prayers and Miracles

In life, prayer is not a stranger to humans. They pray in many activities. Like after prayer, want to eat, after eating, want to sleep, wake up, and much more. Every activity that humans do a lot begins with prayer, even remembrance is also a prayer. However, people are often about this, they only pray when disasters, when agitated, and when they just want something. Without humans knowing, praying is a sign of our gratitude for the blessings that Allah SWT has given to all his creatures.
Prayers and Miracles

There is nothing wrong when humans only pray when they get trials and calamities, God will still listen to everything that his servants reveal. Both in the form of gratitude and complaints that humans always do. It is good for us to pray both when it is difficult and happy. Such is the case when a child who asks for money from parents who always pleads well, puts on a sad face so that his parents pity his child and then give money. Once we have prayed, it's better to ask earnestly not in a hurry, hoping that prayer be answered, and so on.

There are so many things we want in life, so many prayers that people expect to come true. Life is full of secrets, so is prayer. Lots of unexpected events we often experience. Prayer makes the power that is able to change something that is not possible to be possible. The power of prayer can also strengthen the heart of someone who feels weak to be stronger and more ready to go through life. Also able to soften a hard heart to be soft. For example when a mother prayed for her child to be able to understand what they were learning, with God's permission the child who was always prayed by her mother was able to understand what she was learning. Prayer is very special, so special that even God says "pray for me I will surely grant". Humans often unconsciously pray only complaining what they want without any sense of need. Allah grants a servant's prayer not right away, but God will give the best for his servant.

For example, the person who prays asks to be enriched in his treasure, but Allah does not grant the wish of his servant because Allah saved a servant from the slander of the world. A servant must also realize that the prayers they offer are always answered even though the answers are sometimes inappropriate because God loves his servant. As for the refusal of a prayer because in a person's heart there are so many sins and in their flesh and blood flowing illicit goods, such as when praying using clothes bought from the results of corruption and so on.

God Almighty turns the heart of a servant. God also will not stall the provision that will be given to his servant. However, God will give fortune to a servant at the right time. Pray not only for yourself, but also pray for your brother, your family, your friends, even your enemies. We do not know when death will come, when we never pray, then when we die no one will pray.

Prayer is also able to relieve the torment of the grave, when no one wants to pray, can we face the torment of the grave who is very sick? As for prayers that will not be rejected by God, namely, in the hadith Tirmidhi explained that "three groups of people whose prayers will not be rejected, namely people fasting to break their fast, just priests, and prayers of wrongdoers". The key to prayers that God willing will be granted is not a prayer that is said many times, but to pray using the heart and to gratitude for the pleasure and remorse for all the sins that have been committed. Many stories of the prophets teach us to pray with the heart. Like the story of the Prophet Yunus, he was eaten by a whale which, as we know, is very large, but with his sincerity and humility he prayed for help from God, and with his power God removed the Prophet Yunus from the belly of the whale. Logically human, if humans are swallowed by a whale the possibility to get out and live is very unlikely.

However, Allah with his power to remove him from the belly of the whale. As an example of the Prophet Ayyub who left his son and wife when he was quite ill, but the Prophet Ayyub never complained and was sad, he always prayed and dhikr asking for healing for his illness. What in human thought could not possibly happen came true, and when he recovered he was not at all angry with the person who reproached him. God is almighty, human beings are encouraged to pray and pray not only when they want something, but pray when they want to do something, because without us knowing, demons surround us every day to plunge into sin.

And believe in the power of prayer that makes an unexpected miracle, a lot of things that we feel and we do not realize that it is God's way of answering our prayers in a way that is different from what we pray. Pray with a sincere heart and humble remembering all the sins that have been committed, a prayer that is answered is not a prayer that is repeated or repeatedly said but a prayer that is sincerely and sincerely offered from the heart.