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Transgender in Indonesia

The public negative stereotype still adheres to transgender people because many people consider transgender people to have violated norms, including social norms and religious norms that they profess by changing their sex which means they have violated God's nature. Although in Indonesia transgender is still a taboo, in some countries such as Thailand transgender people get equal treatment with other humans until there are some special areas inhabited by transgender people. But in Indonesia the transgender people are very minority so that transgender people still receive no treatment from the public.
Transgender in Indonesia

Transgender itself is a man and a woman who eventually change their genitals and body shape based on their own will to gain inner satisfaction with themselves. Truly transgender people also have a normal life like society in general.

In Indonesia, transgender people have begun to grow and develop, as evidenced by several public figures and celebrities who are beginning to dare to appear in front of television and the public with their new and different appearances. Like the mothers of Dorce Gamalama, Lucinta Luna, Gebby Vesta, Millen Cyrus.

They are even proud of what they are changing and they are doing now. According to them, they are the same as humans in general because they also need food and drink. Some of them even have achievements in the international arena, for example Geby Vesta, whose real name is May Debbyta, with the original male sex, has just won an achievement by winning the Miss International event in Thailand, this event was attended by transgenders from all over world. This also proves that transgender people are not always considered bad by society, they are also acceptable in society.

Another thing is also evidenced by this Millen Cyrus celebrity, Millen Cyrus whose real name is Muhammad Millendaru with the male sex, has changed his overall body shape, including adding breasts to appear like a woman, but Millen Cyrus's achievements were somewhat calculated as he was at his age. still young Millen was able to earn his own living by becoming a model or becoming a DJ.

Another example that proves that transgender can also excel is the presence of the band 'Amoeba' which consists of transvestites or transgender people from Yogyakarta. This group also received many offers to perform as well.

With the above examples proving that someone whom we designate as a transgender does not always have to be underestimated and even considered strange because they also have some achievements that they can be proud of themselves, the achievements they achieve are not detrimental to others, they also want to feel humanized by humans without any difference, they also want to be recognized as a normal society without the sight of looking and glancing lyrics at their bodies.

Besides that, most people still consider transgender people to be wrong because this transgender has violated some rules and norms, the most inherent rules are religious rules, transgender is considered not to be grateful for gifts from God and lack of communication and closeness to their God, if they are close with God, of course, they will not have the mind to change their genitals and body shape into their opposite sex. Besides, they have also violated social norms because by changing themselves, they have caused shame to their families and immediate environment.