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Understanding Learning Resources As A Component of Learning Media

Formulated by several experts regarding the understanding of learning resources, including: According to Dageng, learning resources are all things in the form of objects and people that can support learning so that they include resources that can be used by teachers to create learning behavior. According to Januszewski and Molenda, learning resources are all sources such as messages, people, materials, techniques, tools, settings used by students both individually and in groups to facilitate learning activities and improve the quality of learning. Meanwhile, according to Seels and Richey explained that learning resources are all sources used to support teaching and learning activities, including support systems, materials or learning environments.
Understanding Learning Resources As A Component of Learning Media

Learning resources are not only material or tools used in learning, but also include people, budgets and facilities. Learning resources can include what is available and help someone in learning.

From the description above it can be concluded that the source of learning is something that can be used to convey a message through a tool. Learning resources can also be interpreted everything, both those that are available and those that are designed by themselves. Which can be used together or individually for the achievement of the learning process of students well. Learning resources are a principal of a learning system that is composed of learning resources that have been designed in the process of selection and utilization, and integrated with other learning systems that are complete to achieve a controlled and purposeful learning process.

Components of learning resources, including:
The purpose and function of learning resources
Learning resources that have been designed have objectives, both implicit and explicit. Therefore the function and purpose of learning resources is influenced by variations in learning resources used.

Messages include things that are important in learning resources. Because learning resources must carry messages that can be utilized by users, so users can show and capture the contents of the message to the fullest.

Difficulty level or complexity level
The level of difficulty in using learning resources is related to messages and the physical state of learning resources. The extent to which the complexity needs to be known to determine learning resources is still appropriate or not, given the limited time and cost.

The physical state of learning resources
The form of learning resources always varies. Like traditional markets, it is certainly very different from malls, although both provide information about trade. So the physical condition of learning resources is very important, its utilization should take into account the time, cost and others.

The components above are very related so they can form a system that compiles learning resources. Each component is difficult to be able to stand alone although sometimes it can be used separately, because each component is a single unit.