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Weaknesses in the Use of the Environment as Learning Media

Almost all fields of study include media that can be drawn from the environment, such as the natural sciences, social sciences, linguistics, arts, sports, culture and skills, as well as others.
Weaknesses in the Use of the Environment as Learning Media

In addition to the many advantages of environmental media, this media also has several weaknesses, including:
1. It takes a long time, so sometimes it takes time to explain the lesson, and cut off other fields of study
2. Sometimes it requires additional costs, thus increasing expenses for costs
3. Sometimes failure occurs or the goal is not achieved because it seems to play around so that the learning obtained is less fully focused
4. Lack of understanding of educators (teachers) about the benefits of the environment as a medium of learning so that it rarely exemplifies something directly.

Teachers who are creative and have the ability to change the learning process more interesting. In other words learning is a complex process and happens to everyone throughout his life from birth to human death. Activities outside the school are very liked by students but we must pay attention and give direction. Using it as a learning medium is not young, we must first:
1. Prepare material and make plans carefully
2. Determine the environment to be used for learning
3. Give direction and guidance during the learning process.