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Women Who Are Considered To Look Ideal And Are Beautiful

A woman tends to rely on her confidence in an appearance. In another sense, the confidence in a woman's soul is almost one hundred percent derived from what she wears and of course her physical beauty. This is proven by looking at events that occur in society in general. For example, when women are invited to a social activity, they will make their appearance number one than anything else, and feel pessimistic when they are juxtaposed with a woman who looks better and more beautiful than herself.
Women Who Are Considered To Look Ideal And Are Beautiful

For a woman, appearance is very important, it will support how much their confidence to appear in public and become the center of attention of many people. We can also prove this through a gender symbol to represent a woman in history.

Some people describe that the circle symbol with the cross below is a mirror image. They assume that women have a tendency to reflect. Hearing the word mirror, certainly can not be separated from the appearance. That is, a woman is very concerned about her appearance to increase their self-confidence, especially when appearing in public.

A dominant woman relies on her body shape and facial features, as well as the clothes and makeup she wears. Almost all women see that the perspective of society regarding the definition of beauty is indeed true. Because based on the phenomena that occur in the social environment, people mention the word 'beautiful' only for those who have a slender, handsome body, and are able to bring the attention of many people, especially men. There is no beautiful term possessed by a stocky or fat woman in this world. In any hemisphere, beautiful is still owned by women who are slim.

Then, what is the term for those who are stocky or fat? Of course they get the title in the form of the opposite of beautiful, which is ugly. Society tends to give stigma to stocky people, because the majority of people have instilled the idea that stocky people's lives tend to be unhealthy, just like they consume too much food and spend more time to relax so they rarely do sports activities. In the end, this phenomenon will reduce the feeling of confidence in stocky women, as if it becomes a pressure for them to be able to freely show themselves in public and in front of a man.

Seeing from this description, we can conclude that basically a woman always wants to look good when appearing in public. When other people's assessment of them is beautiful, then they will try to beautify themselves more as is the case with makeup or beautiful clothes.

This also applies to women who are considered ugly by others, most of these women will try to beautify themselves in various ways. Clearly, the majority of women always want to look beautiful by the definition of general public beauty.

So, can the definition of beauty for women change? The answer is that it is possible if the new definition of beauty has changed generally in society. Maybe, the definition of beauty that was originally given to women who are slim and has a beautiful face moved to women who are stocky and have a normal face.

However, no matter how beautiful a woman according to the definition of beauty today, still qualified women are those who have a beautiful heart, not just a beautiful physique. Unfortunately, the majority of the people have judged what he first saw. Because, isn't it physically visible right away compared to the heart? Shella Dina Aprilliyah.