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The Essence of Cooperation in a Communication Perspective

Communication for humans not only deepens the meaning in terms of words or speech, but also leads to an action. This situation would be very important in the continuity of a communication process. Even the ontological assumption of communication about its essential meaning, etymologically communication comes from the word communis (communico) which means sharing or making togetherness or building togetherness between two or more people.
The Essence of Cooperation in a Communication Perspective

It is from building togetherness that creates an ideal continuity of communication. The ideal meaning in this case leads to a cooperation that is intertwined and the spirit in it. People who gather and form a partnership like a body. If one of the organs does not function, the spirit of the body is also weak.

Willingness and enthusiasm when cooperating needs to be instilled. From here the foundation will be built. Willingness is closely related to action, some even define will as action that is one's attempt to achieve goals: (1) the results of the desire to achieve certain goals that are so strong that it encourages people to sacrifice other values, which are incompatible with achieving the goals ; (2) based on knowledge of, the ways needed to achieve the goal; (3) influenced by intelligence and energy needed to achieve goals; plus (4) actual energy expenditure with the right way to achieve the goal.

In establishing a partnership must have a strong principle. An effective relationship needs to be sought in order to create an efficient collaboration so that all work can be completed. It is important to realize that the initial purpose of establishing a collaboration is to be able to complete the work properly and appropriately.

The essence of the task in organizing cooperation is to make an event successful and can achieve the goals that have been formed together. A collaboration can be said to be successful if all members are compact and responsible and willing to work with the tasks that have been developed and the goals that have been determined can be achieved properly. This research raised the essence of cooperation in a communication perspective. Collaboration carried out within the scope of students, for example just a seminar. This is based on the number of students involved in the seminar, both as the committee in charge and the audience. Because of the event, they got a lot of useful knowledge.

In seminars, students can explore knowledge that most are not taught in college. There is a plus when the seminar is held free of charge. However, the essence of science will be lost when students only aim for certificates and do not care about the knowledge that will be obtained. Some universities apply the score assessment to their students who will pass the final examination. This is considered necessary for assessing how active students are in following positive activities outside of college. Therefore, tips are needed so that events such as seminars can look interesting and memorable. So that initially students only want to get a certificate, they will follow the event carefully.

Seminar, which is an event the most eagerly awaited by students. Seminars are generally a form of academic teaching, both at a university and given by a commercial or professional organization. The word seminar comes from the Latin word seminarum, which means "the land where the seeds are planted". When going to plant seeds in a piece of land, of course there are other aspects that need attention. Some of them are cultivators, without which the planting process will not occur. Also needed nutrients such as water, fertilizer, and sunlight that are useful in the process of photosynthesis. Furthermore, as a complement needed worms so that the soil remains loose. Some of these elements will make the seeds grow into healthy plants. Cultivators can be interpreted as members who, without it, work might not be realized. They served as people who were fully responsible during the event. Being involved in a collaboration is not about me or you, but the application of unity that needs attention. The sense of self along with the barriers must be removed. The concept of motivation between members also needs to be instilled. In a collaboration, the role of organizational communication needs to be understood, including communicative strategies. Learning communicative strategies can be used as a benchmark in terms of avoiding stress or conflict.

Furthermore, nutrients that are useful in the process of photosynthesis are about the level of cooperation that exists. As with nutrients, if given too little, then the plant will not grow optimally. If given too much, it is also not good for plant growth. Therefore, the provision of nutrients is given sufficiently so that plants can grow optimally. Likewise, cooperation needs to be established well and intensively so that the results will also be optimal. Then worms. Even though worms are complementary, without it the soil will be solid so that it will lack air. The animal will only inhabit good soil. The more worms show that the better the soil to be planted. As in cooperation, understanding between members is a worm.

More and more research shows that "social support" in the form of interpersonal relationships at work is a strong influence on reducing stress (Albrecht et al., 1982). This may be due to members of the organization understanding subtle stress in a particular workplace and providing ways to reduce stress in the same interpretive context. However, social support in the workplace may be risky because it requires colleagues to trust one another in situations where they are most vulnerable. This requires the ability to predict precisely the degree to which others will respond with supportive communication. Ainur Rofik