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Function of Direction, Coordinating and Communicating in Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Management

Direction, This direction is an effort to provide explanation and guidance carried out by a leader before and during carrying out a task.

Function of Direction, Coordinating and Communicating in Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Management

There are at least two benefits if the briefing is carried out, including:

a. Before carrying out a task, if it begins with a briefing, it will be useful to emphasize the things that need to be handled, the priority order, work procedures, and so on so that the implementation of work can be effective and efficient.

b. Also to remind or straighten out if there is fraud or deviation.

With the direction, it will minimize any deviations that will hinder the achievement of the goals of an educational institution.

Coordinating, this coordination is one of the efforts made by leaders to organize, unify, harmonize, integrate all activities carried out by subordinates. This is intended so that all activities of educators can be directed with one direction.

Coordination benefits include:

a. Obtaining the strength that is able to unite a person so that the movement of the organization can be harmonious and mutually support each other in order to achieve results effectively and efficiently.

b. When there is a maze of activities, both in the form of direction and timing of work implementation.

c. There is no concurrency between the parts and instead a healthy and mutually helpful relationship is established.

One more process which cannot be separated from the role of a leader to improve the quality of performance, in this case the principal in this case must always coordinate with all educators and other administrative staff in order to establish a harmonious relationship, with the existence of a harmonious relationship will increase his performance status as well.

Communicating, communicating is an effort made by the leader of the institution, in this case the principal, to disseminate information that occurs inside and outside the institution that is related to the smooth running of tasks to achieve common goals.

There are at least two benefits of communicating, namely:

a. communication will avoid mutual suspicion and mutually close oneself in working relationships.

b. As well as strengthening the function of direction and coordination because there is communication between superiors and subordinates, as well as among subordinates.

Communication is very important in order to create harmony in a relationship, if it lacks communication, it will be difficult for each other to understand.