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Madrasah Management Administration

The government's efforts to achieve equality are contained in Presidential Instruction No. 9 of 2000 on gender education in education to realize equality in education for boys and girls. This is taught by Islam as mandated by the 1945 Constitution and the United Nations regarding education for all (education for all). Education for all of this, refers to the needs of every person who loves education to always improve the quality of madrasas on an ongoing basis.
Madrasah Management Administration

There are several ways to develop Madrasah management and the process towards a quality Madrasah, namely:
- Good administration of the Madrasah curriculum is synonymous with good planning, madrasahs that have excellent processes certainly have good planning. The field of curriculum and learning which is the heart of a madrasah is certainly not free from good planning.

- In the student administration the management of students in the management is affirmed to be carried out properly and correctly plays an important role. Student management is used as a complement to madrasah for the implementation of the teaching and learning process. Kepela madrasah plans student activities in the school year according to the existing program in the madrasah.

- Madrasah administration also discusses equal manpower, a good madrasah is a madrasah that has an adequate information system. This information system is related to two things, namely the recoring system and the reporting system. To support these two things, supporting elements are needed, including (1) the formats used, (2) applicable guidelines and regulations, and (3) adequate skills. Activities related to this problem are called administrative activities. One of the madarasah administrations is personnel administration or equal management.

- Management of facilities and infrastructure in madrassas is carried out properly and plays an important role. Infrastructure facilities are used as completeness of madrasa to carry out the teaching and learning process. The principal plans the goods requirements for one budget year based on the available funds in the current year and the coming year for the procurement of goods through the existing mechanisms in the school. The infrastructure in madrasah has an inventory that is in accordance with the shape and needs of the madrasah. The inventory of existing items in the madrasah is used by teachers at the madrasa. The distribution of schedules for the use of advice and infrastructure in madrasah makes it easier for teachers in the teaching and learning process according to their daily schedule.

- Evaluation of learning outcomes means the process of gathering information about student learning outcomes and analyzing it for decision making. The implementation of evaluation in madrasah requires that various madrasah administrative instruments need to be supported by the formats for the implementation of the evaluation.

- Madrasah financial administration is equal, the financial administration that is discussed is how the importance of financial administration can determine and develop equal madrasah according to the needs of men and women. Balanced madrasah management is financial administration, planning, resource extraction, allocation, budgeting, utilization, bookkeeping, monitoring and reporting are a series that must be passed. In this case, of course, madrasah develop principles of equitable financial management that are efficient, transparent and accountable. And this is a principle that madrasa managers must always uphold.