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How to activate DOI using OJS 3

For those of you who manage journal periodicals, certainly no stranger to the name DOI. Because DOI stands for Digital Object Identifier from crossref.org, DOI is given to several types of publications, one of which is a scientific article published by the management system journal or OJS.
How to activate DOI using OJS 3

Now one of the tasks of the ladies / gentlemen after publishing articles in their respective OJS besides indexing is of course having to activate the DOI because in some indexers the metadant will naturally be sourced from the DOI. So this is very important to note in all articles that have been published.

Therefore, if you are confused or forget how to activate DOI after publishing an article in the journal that you manage at your respective institution, then here I will give you a way to activate DOI using OJS 3. The steps are as follows: :
1. Log in at each OJS ladies and gentlemen using the account of the Journal manager or managing editor or others based on their respective duties. For this example I use an account managing editor.
2. After the logi select "TOOLS" => Then select "Inport / Export" and click "CrossRef XML Export Plugin" then a new display will appear, select "Settings" and make sure it has been filled in "Depositor Name" and "Email Depositor". the originator of the journal. After that, click on the "Articles" menu then check all the articles that you want to activate, then click "Download XML" like the following picture:
3. After you have successfully downloaded the XML file, please save, if there is no access to do crossref, then the XML file that you must give to your institution's admin for activation. But if you also have access to do crossref, then you can continue to the next point, i.e. please open the link https://doi.crossref.org or https://doi.crossref.org/servlet/useragent then please login using your respective account - each, like the following picture:
4. After logging in, select the "Submissions" menu then "Upload" then click "File Name" to upload the exported XML file from OJS, then select "Metadata" then click "upload" until a successful article appears. For more details, see the following picture
5. If you have reached this stage it means that the DOI article has been activated, please wait a few minutes and then make sure whether the DOI is active, please open the respective OJS and then click on the DOI article that just has to be activated, if an error does not mean it means the DOI already active, but if it remains error then need further checking, but I will discuss in the next article.

This is a guide on how to activate DOI in OJS 3, good luck, and I'll see you in the next article, hopefully it is useful, thank you.