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Madrasah Characteristics

At first the characteristic of Islamic education was the emphasis on searching for knowledge, mastery and development on the basis of worship to Allah SWT. Every Muslim is required to seek knowledge to be understood in depth which in the next stage is developed within the framework of worship for the benefit of the human race.
Madrasah Characteristics

The search, acquisition and development of knowledge is a continuous process, and in principle lasts for life. This is what became known as Life Long Education in the modern education system, as suggested by the Prophet Muhammad in the hadith, that it is obligatory for Muslims to seek knowledge, from birth to grave.

As a worship service, Islamic education places great emphasis on moral values, namely honesty, tawadhu 'attitude, and respect for the source of knowledge, which are important principles that every knowledge seeker should hold.

Another characteristic, is the recognition of one's potential and ability to develop in a personality. Every seeker of knowledge is seen as a creature of Allah SWT that needs to be respected and respected so that its potentials can be actualized as well as possible, and practice knowledge on the basis of responsibility to Allah SWT. and humanity.

Formally, the characteristics of Islamic education especially Madrasah Aliyah include elements such as: implementation of an integrated curriculum, teaching evaluation system, worship practices, teacher and student relations, discipline, recruitment of teaching staff, graduate profiles, management of human resources and sources of funds. All of which are managed and developed on the basis of worship to Allah SWT.

Based on this framework, the formulation of the concept of Islamic education should cover two perspectives at once, namely education as a humanitarian phenomenon and a socio-cultural phenomenon.