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Effects of Gadgets on Child Learning Development

The progress of media and technology is a challenge for the nation, especially gadget is one of the technologies that has a negative or positive impact on all circles, especially children. Gadgets greatly affect the psychological child, children are affected by these technologies which can interfere with learning and change the character of children. In preschool children will be addicted to gadgets that can affect brain performance. The thing to note now is the child's character, the character created from the environment. Character education must be instilled early on, children who are addicted to gadgets will have an impact on their personal and emotional character.
Effects of Gadgets on Child Learning Development

In the current era of modernization, technological advancements are developing more rapidly and rapidly. Many sophisticated technologies that have been created to make such a big change in human life in various fields. One of them is a gadget that is a lot of uses that can be obtained therein. Nowadays gadget users don't only come from adults. But almost all groups including teenagers, children and toddlers have used gadgets in the activities they do every day. Almost every person who uses a gadget spends a lot of their time in a day to use a gadget.

Therefore the gadget also has its own values ​​and benefits for all people. However, many negative impacts appear in the use of gadgets for teenagers, children, and even toddlers. Although most of the people use gadgets for communication, work or business matters, looking for information, or just to find entertainment. With a variety of interesting features and applications they use it to accompany their children so that parents can carry out activities quietly, without worrying about their children wandering around, playing dirty, staring at home, which eventually makes them fussy and disrupts parents' activities.

Children can skillfully operate gadgets and focus on games or other applications. Meanwhile, the applications found on the tablet PC or smartphone are not only applications about learning to recognize letters or images, but there are entertainment applications, such as social media, videos, pictures and even video games. In fact, children will more often use the gadget to play games than to learn or play outside the home with friends their age.

Actually, gadgets not only cause negative effects for children, because there are also positive effects, including in the mindset of children that is able to help children regulate the speed of play, process strategies in games, and help improve the ability of the child's right brain during good supervision. But behind these advantages is more dominant on the negative effects that affect children's development.

One of them is radiation in gadgets that can damage a child's neural networks and brain if children often use gadgets. In addition, it can also reduce the child's active power and children's ability to interact with others. Excessive use of gadgets will have a bad impact on children. Children who spend time with gadgets will be more emotional, rebellious because they feel they are being bullied when playing games. Lazy to do the daily routine. Even to eat, you have to be bribed, because you're busy using the gadget. More worrying again, if they have not looked right and left or care for people around him, even greeting to older people who are reluctant. Addiction to playing gadgets can also affect a child's visual response.

The game in the device is usually in the form of fast-moving visual stimuli. Children will get used to the rhythm of paying attention to fast-moving visual stimuli. As a result, when they listen to the teacher's explanation in class with a form of visual stimulation that is not as fast as visual movements in the game, they will easily feel bored.

Now the social life of children is more affected by technology. More often, early childhood interacts with gadgets and also the virtual world affects the child's thinking about something outside of it, he will also feel alien to the environment because of the lack of social interaction. But technological advances can also help children's creativity, if their use is balanced with children's interactions with the surrounding environment. They know how to use technology to satisfy their desire to play.

Parents should supervise when their children play gadgets so they are not too dependent on gadgets and do not forget to socialize with the surrounding environment. Gadgets are needed for a means of communication to everything. but the supervision and guidance of parents towards children must always be done. Because if parents fall asleep with children who can play gadgets for a long time children can only play gadgets and cannot communicate with the surrounding environment. Parents should introduce gadgets to children and also introduce culture or tradition in the sense of how to respect and courtesy in society. So that the role of children in the future will be better. Alfi Zahronia Firdaus