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Problems of Social Life Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

The world was shocked by a dangerous virus called Covid-19, a corona virus originating from the city of Wuhan, China in late December 2019. Starting from bats, and after finding out it turns out, people infected with this virus have a history of visiting animal markets in Wuhan. This virus is very fast to spread to various countries. The spread of the virus quickly spread because humans are social creatures that need socialization so the rate of spread is very fast. This virus has caused hundreds of thousands of people affected throughout the world, even tens of thousands of people died. Until now this virus has not found a cure.
Problems of Social Life Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

To prevent transmission of the corona virus abroad, a lockdown means limiting an area or region. However, Indonesia has not yet implemented a lockdown system due to a state of the people's economy. In Indonesia many people who work rely on daily wages. However, the government calls for restrictions on social interaction or social distanding. With this epidemic all work and activities are carried out at home or WFH (Work From Home).

In the field of education, the government made a decision to dismiss and move the learning process at home. By carrying out online shopping causes chaos. Such as limited facilities and infrastructure. In areas far from cities it is usually difficult to signal, so they have to go outside the house to look for signals so they can take part in learning. Internet networks also require a fee, with this the use of quotas is increasing. Many parents who feel objected to increase the budget in providing internet networks. Because parents have objections because they have an uncertain economy. Because of this virus people who work daily are hard to find income. Many employees were laid off because the company was unable to pay, production was hampered due to the corona virus pandemic.

This deterioration also occurs in the field of tourism. Many tourism sites have been temporarily closed. The world of tourism is affected by the potential loss of national income. So that state revenues fall. As a result these places suffer losses, due to lack of visitors. Until the month of March when entering the month of Ramadan, which is usually welcomed warmly. However, now it is different, when praying in the mosque is done keeping a distance between pilgrims. With this virus getting worse it causes people to think negatively. Like shopping in supermarkets they now have to be careful holding goods. Even now if there is someone who coughs, it is immediately suspected that even people who suddenly faint in public do not dare to help. This anxiety affects the scarcity of daily necessities. What's worse in a situation like this is someone who uses to sell masks whose prices are double or even more.

To deal with this the people are expected to be calm. The government has done the best for handling the case of this corona outbreak can be maximized. Medical personnel will provide good handling. A humanitarian movement is needed to open donations for medical workers and people in need. Laelatul Azizah