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How to Change Profile Photo Background on Video Zoom

During the Covid 19 pandemic in the country, work in general turned to work from home or work from home. The work was carried out in various ways to facilitate daily activities, whether meetings, seminars, workshops and others were carried out using a variety of technologies, one of which was using a zoom or teleconfrence application.
How to Change Profile Photo Background on Video Zoom

Talking about zoom has become one of the choices of various agencies or the general public for meetings, video conferences to support professional and educational activities or learning processes, during the pandemic period Covid-19 hit this beloved country.

Therefore, to carry out video conferencing using zoom without a special room or without bagrown which is good to look at or see might be one of the complaints that exist in our minds each of us every time doing a video conference.

Now, to change the background of the video display can not only entertain your self-view, because the better the background appearance of your video, the more confidence we will increase to carry out daily tasks. In addition, it can also entertain participants who participate in your activities.

Based on the foregoing, if you are interested in changing your virtual background during a video conference in Zoom, here are the steps that I share with my friends.
1. First make sure you have registered at zoom
2. Download and install the zoom application on your computer or laptop
3. Open your zoom application that has been installed then log in using their respective accounts then click on the profile photo and click settings, pay attention to the following picture:

4. After clicking on the "Settings" menu in the upper right, please wait for a new window, then select the "Virtual Background" menu, then enter the bagrown image that will be the background image on the sign (+) or you can use the default built-in begrawn available, pay attention to the image following.
Virtual Background

5. If the device supports a green screen, you can select the option at the bottom of the image selection.

After that, the picture or video is ready to become the background of your video when conducting a video conference. So this article may be useful, see you in the next article.